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22 Jul Dental problems what is the cause and how to properly maintain oral hygiene
31 Jan Post-holiday depression
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You've been preparing for days. Looking for the perfect New Year's Eve outfit, hurrying to the hairdresser, picking up some groceries, maybe last minute. You chose gifts for your partner, family and ..
06 Apr Tips for proper sun protection
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We have arrived in summer, the favorite season of most people. Hopefully this year will be long and warm and without too many rainy days. Summer is also a time of long-awaited vacations. In summer, w..
20 Jan Return to work after vacation
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The holidays are mostly over and it's time to get back to business. The period immediately after a vacation can be frustrating, tense and extremely stressful for many people. Moving from a state of r..
10 Jan Travel pharmacy for a worry-free vacation
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Your long-awaited and prepared vacation is approaching. We all look forward to traveling, preparing various activities and longer stays in nature. Summer joys, but also changing places of residence..
31 Mar Beauty comes from within
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Beauty has become imperative today. Although the standards and ideals of beauty have changed over time, and while the old saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder is true, we all agree in on..
12 Feb How Much Vitamin D Do We Need?
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There is a lot of talk today about the harmfulness of overexposure to the sun and very little about the importance of vitamin D. Numerous studies show that one billion people worldwide have a deficie..
29 Aug New Blog Post
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