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Hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids

An extremely effective therapy external hemorrhoids and other developing process on the skin. Contains extract Amer tea which shortens the period of withdrawal of hemorrhoids in only a few days. After the application stops the pain, itching and burning sensation. IT IS RECOMMENDED: -Acute and ch..
515.00 RSD
Brand: RAZNO
HEMOR M MAST The musk hemorrhoids ointment that relieves discomfort. APPLICATION: Twice a day, morning and evening, apply on clean anal sluzokožu. If used for external hemorrhoids and anal fissures are applied directly to place herself gripped, and if it is used for internal and mesovite hemorr..
454.00 RSD
Hemostop intim gel for the treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids and anal fissure treatment. Hemostop acts as an Antiinflammatory agent, reduces bleeding and facilitates regeneration of mucous membranes. Thanks to the bioadhezivnom property of a gel by longer action of preparations in place..
532.00 RSD
Application: Herbarektal is recommended for treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids and anal fissures for treatment. Herbal extracts of očvršćavaju the walls of blood vessels, preventing their further spread and shooting. They create a pleasant feeling of cooling, the effect has an an..
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