We have arrived in summer, the favorite season of most people. Hopefully this year will be long and warm and without too many rainy days. Summer is also a time of long-awaited vacations. In summer, we have a more beautiful complexion, skin tanned, radiant. We use warm sunshine wisely and do not expose ourselves to the sun at maximum heat and without sunscreen.

No more dilemmas about the harmfulness of UVA and UVB rays. UVC rays are mostly absorbed by the ozone layer. Most of the earlier products only protected against UVB rays. Dermatologists agree that our skin remembers every time we burn. While UVB rays reach the upper layers of skin, UVA rays can also penetrate deeper layers of skin. UVB rays are responsible for superficial skin damage: redness and burns, and UVA rays cause mostly irreversible damage to the deeper layers of the skin and cause its premature aging, as well as severe phototoxic reactions when using some drugs such as. doxycycline.

You have a fight with your tanning beds. She has beautiful, slightly tanned and healthy skin in fashion. Often, skin exposed to tanning lamps ages faster and is at increased risk of getting melanoma.

The sunscreen is best chosen in consultation with a pharmacist who will recommend the preparation depending on your skin type and age. Acne-prone, dry and oily skin needs different textures. Pharmacies contain mostly dermatological preparations and they are best for you to decide because they contain proven ingredients, they do not have or in very small concentrations have fragrances, colors, parabens preservatives… When it comes to baby or very sensitive skin, give preference to mineral preparations instead chemical filters. Mineral filters remain on the surface of the skin, are not absorbed and protected by reflecting harmful rays. However, those with oily skin are not comfortable with these filters because they can cause pores to clog. For most people, the combination of chemical and mineral filters is best suited. Manufacturers have begun to add antioxidants such as e.g. Lycocalcone A which alleviates inflammatory processes in the skin, then there are vitamins C, E…

Protect your skin from the inside out with foods rich in antioxidants or capsules specifically formulated for skin, hair and nails. Vitamin C is especially important for participating in collagen synthesis, and thus prevents skin aging.

Skin care after sun exposure is also very important. Some preparations contain some quality oils such as coconut, rose, marigold and argan oil, as well as aloe vera. These ingredients will restore skin's elasticity through hydration, soothe redness and irritation and nourish dehydrated skin. This will prevent our skin from aging.

Also, keep in mind the photostability of the products you apply to your skin during sun exposure so you don't have to deal with hyperpigmentation (stains) on your skin, which are very difficult to remove.

Wear natural materials, hats, and sunglasses. Avoid the greatest heat, apply an ointment richly for half an hour before sunrise and repeat the procedure every two hours and enjoy this hopefully unforgettably beautiful summer!