The holidays are mostly over and it's time to get back to business. The period immediately after a vacation can be frustrating, tense and extremely stressful for many people. Moving from a state of relaxation to a heap of commitments can lead to psycho-physical symptoms such as sadness and apathy, heart palpitations, sleep problems ... These problems are generally short-lived. However, if these problems last more than two weeks, you should consult a psychologist or psychiatrist.

To plunge into your obligations as painlessly as possible, you need to be well organized and prepared for what awaits you. It is advisable to return from vacation at least one day before work. You should start the business slowly, make a list of tasks and priorities. Go slowly into everything that happened while you were away. You don't have to do everything right away. Leave complex tasks that require more effort and time but not priority for later. First, deal with urgent and easier tasks. It takes a while to fully get back into "working mode". It is very important that you come to work on holiday. If you are tired, you are more vulnerable to stress, conflict, more irritable and less productive. A prerequisite for a successful business day is first of all a good and quality dream. Often, a new approach to business is also needed to help you solve business problems. Man is a creative being and monotonous, monotonous jobs lead to "fatigue" of the material. Changing your work routine and new business tasks bring freshness to your daily work.

A particular problem may be the so-called workplace burn syndrome. Combustion syndrome is a state of physical, mental or mental exhaustion, which is accompanied by a doubt about one's own abilities and the worth of one's own work. Then there is irritability with colleagues and clients, difficult getting started on arrival, headache, back pain ... This syndrome leads to too much work, vague expectations, dysfunctional relationships in the collective, work that is not in line with qualifications or interests , work is brought home and worked at rest time ... This problem is more susceptible to people who spend too much time at the computer or on social networks, do not sleep well, consume large amounts of caffeine and nicotine, eat poorly and are physically inactive.

As much as you are preoccupied with commitments, you also need to find time for yourself and your social life. You can very often achieve this by better organizing your work and your daily commitments.

Particular attention should be paid to breathing and sufficient quality sleep. Drink enough water, eat healthy, be physically active, practice yoga and meditation. When you are active, the secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone, is reduced, and the secretion of endorphins, the hormone of happiness, is increased, even when it comes to simple exercises and easy walking. Plan mini vacations on weekends that will bring joy and peace of mind to you. Get help and support with your business tasks. Enhance your business with plants and precious photographs.

Rest, satisfaction and productivity are closely linked. So, discover the stressors, reflect on your business priorities, and consider all options, including new work if needed, that will be in line with your interests and values.