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Medipharm is a pharmaceutical company founded with the desire that innovations in the pharmaceutical industry follow the development of our portfolio and company. Our main goal is to respond to the needs of medicine by creating pharmaceutical products that are in line with the needs of the market, and whose quality and effectiveness have been proven in clinical studies. The synergy of medicine and pharmacy can result in the creation of the best products. That is why our team of experienced professionals is committed to the constant development and improvement of every segment of our business. We are especially focused on the needs of our end users and that is why it is important for us to take care of their wishes and, in the first place, to create quality products in order to influence the improvement of people's health.Our strategy is innovative products that are the result of research and development, protected by patents. Two-way communication in everyday work, fast and competent service, partnerships. We want to help people take care of their health and thus affect the quality of life, by offering reliable, quality and recognizable pharmaceutical products.Quality policyIn fulfilling the set goals, all employees give their personal contribution by introducing, consistent application and constant improvement and improvement of the management system and quality in line with the requirements of the standard.
Medicyst is a natural preparation intended for people with acute and chronic urinary tract infections and is safe for children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.Features: Medical solution for cystitis It quickly and effectively reduces the symptoms of acute and chronic urinary tract infections..
1,587.00 RSD
Medierect is a natural preparation intended for people with erectile dysfunction and reduced libido to improve sexual health.Composition: Patented Fruitflow formulation, Ginseng root extract (2% ginsenoside) Vitamin-mineral complex (vitamins C, E, D3, A, and minerals zinc and selenium) Featu..
1,919.00 RSD
Medilit is a natural preparation intended for people with urolithiasis, for the elimination of stones and sand from the urinary tract and reduces inflammation of the urinary tract. It is recommended for excessive formation of salt crystals, as well as for the prevention of stone re-formation after r..
1,519.00 RSD
Mediprost is a natural preparation intended for people with benign prostatic hyperplasia, erectile dysfunction and acute and chronic non-bacterial prostatitis.Composition: Dry extract of sabal palm fruit (Serenoa repens) 320mg Dry extract of African plum bark (Pygeum africanum) 100 mg Dry pum..
1,670.00 RSD
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