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Preprati for bacterial infections

Preprati for bacterial infections
MULTI-GYN FLORA PLUSProduct description:Prevents and treats fungal vaginal infections:    Treats and prevents fungal infection vagina     Prebiotski stimulate Lactobacilli     Releases from itching, irritation, unpleasant smell and se..
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They're great for intense intimate hygiene     Help prevent vaginal infections     Optimiziju vaginal flora     Does not contain preservatives     Encourage the multiplication of Lactobacillus     ..
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OSETROFACT HLOestrofact HL vaginatoria contain hyaluronic and lactic acid and are used to moisturize the vaginal mucosa in conditions accompanied by vaginal dryness as well as to maintain the optimal PH value of the vaginal mucosa.The released hyaluronic acid multiplies its volume and creates a laye..
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Brand: M&V PHARM
Utidir 60 is recommended for urethritis, cystitis, prostatitis. It inhibits the adhesion of bacteria and reduces the load on bacteria in the urinary and intestinal tract. It is strong in the fight against inflammation. It is suitable for use with antibiotics and for the prevention of recurrent infec..
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