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The fifth

The fifth
It's made from silicone double density. Ideal for softening and protecting the heel. The circular Center is made from one of silicon and relieves pressure on the petnu bone in the place where it occurs the most problem "-petnog". Smooth bottom side improves traction in my shoe, and rid..
1,488.00 RSD
0.5 cm thick, corrects the difference between your legs (deep with short legs), improves the feeling when the heel is too low, serves as a shock absorber for heel and Achilles injuries...
568.00 RSD
This cartridge is a pain in the butt and the appearance of "the trna petnog", so that "heel pain" comes in for it provided. Preventing pain indirectly transferred to the knees and spine. Duct foil prevents the move. It is especially designed for the right and left leg...
849.00 RSD
Ped Egg foot care power – is the device extremely easy to handle, practical, beautiful lie in hand and it's light as a feather. Your mobile PC is running on battery there is a button with which you burn and turn the camera. Simply turn it on, tap your toe and he's doing his job with mu..
2,200.00 RSD
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