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Mustela Maternity

Da biste sačuvali lepotu svoje kože i uživali u potpunosti u trudnoći, Mustela linija za trudnice i porodilje nudi prvu kompletnu liniju proizvoda posebno namenjenih koži trudnica i porodilja.

Thanks to new formula enriched with Avocado ® ingredient of avocado, patented ingredient of natural origin, Baby Shampoo strengthens the skin barrier and keeps cell resources. 0% Parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol. High tolerance, hypoallergenic formula. Dermatologically tested.A..
3,174.00 RSD
Emulsion for firming chest soft, tender texture is easy to apply on the tight and sensitive chest. Gentle fragrance offers satisfaction for each application. Absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves skin soft, comfortable and with no sense of pasting. 0% Parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, hl..
2,435.70 RSD
Specially formulated to acting against weight and leg fatigue during pregnancy, Mustela 9 Months Gel for tired legs relaxes, tones and makes it easier to feel discomfort in the legs due to the combination of exclusive ingredients of natural origin. 0% Parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, alcoh..
1,911.30 RSD
Mustela intensive serum-targeted treatment against stretch marks during pregnancy and after childbirth. Helps in reducing visible stretch marks, lightens the color and reduces the depth of stretch marks. Intensive serum against stretch marks has applicator for precise application of good, ..
2,757.00 RSD 3,063.60 RSD
MUSTELA STRETCH MARK PREVENTION OIL Description of products:Specially formulated for pregnant women and young mothers, Mustela 9 Months Oil against stretch marks helps prevent stretch marks thanks to the exclusive combination of 100% vegetable oils and active ingredients of natural origin:P..
1,918.00 RSD 2,132.10 RSD
Action: Prevents the formation of new and relieves the already formed stretch marks. It is recommended to be used from the beginning of pregnancy to the first month after childbirth. For all areas where stretch marks appear-belly, hips, upper thighs. Innovative ingredients like Elastoregulatora, Lu..
3,100.00 RSD
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