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Dietary Supplements Category on the site www.apotekaonline.rs contains a complete range of preparations such as vitamins, teas, immunity boosters, preparations for strengthening bones, joints, muscles, hair, nails and many others
PhytoProstat was created as an important prevention and help in resolving one of the most common health problems in men after forty five years old.A mix of carefully selected herbs makes problems caused by increasing prostate gland and helps preserve the normal function of the prostate.Regul..
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Phyto Femme was created with the desire to help women to cope with one of the most sensitive period in life.Carefully selected combination of herbs eases discomforts of menopause, and their mild action reduces tension, anxiety, insomnia, the frequency of hot flashes, increased sweating and heada..
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Devil's claw or harpagofit is a herb that comes from a family of sesame seeds and comes from South Africa. Its name was given by the bud that resembles the claw and that are most used in treatment.Today, the Devil's claw is used a lot in Europe for the treatment of arthritis and rheumati..
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This balm for feet was prepared according to old recipes on the basis of arnica and enhanced, with the addition of lavender, camphor and menthol. Ideal is resolved is for Your tired and swollen legs, but also for help with venoznih problems. Because of the oil that has possess enhanced work with min..
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Because of its amazing effects that has nareumatske pain and its intensity the product is called the Horse balm. The nation has a great tradition and it is very well known as an effective aid against various kinds of pain. Due to the band in the first place camphor is assumed, then the arnica and Mi..
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Brand: ESI
Ferrolin C pocket drink is a dietary product that contains iron, vitamin C and folic acid. It is used as a supplement to their diet in case of lack of iron in the body, which can be caused by chronic fatigue, stress, intense physical activity, pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as heavy menstrual ..
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If you have a problem with the potency or desire? Libido is the right solution for you!The product is based on 100% natural herbal formula Provides long-lasting erections and helps with problems with potency Increases sexual stamina Increases sexual arousal and desire Increases sensitivity and sex..
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Brand: MR. BLACK
Alpenkräuter balsam 200 ml - 20161298 - Veins, circulation..
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EFFECT: Vendoksin eye drops contain a mix of the tincture of herbal drugs that a favourable effect on the wall of the blood vessels making them elastičnijim, decreasing their permeability and prevent, or reduce the already formed the island, thereby alleviating subjective symptoms such as pain and a..
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APURETIN SLIM DUO PACK - 20161285 - Products that accelerate the fat metabolism..
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Brand: DR. VITON
COLLAGEN + C 4 PACK - 20161283 - The lack of cartilage..
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JOINT MD RAPAIR GEL Product description:Innovative and most complex formula with the pain in the joints, sinews and muscles recommended by prestigious us MAYO CLINIC REMOVE THE PAIN. JMD REPAIR GEL is a unique and most complex formula with triple action made by the constituents of the prestig..
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