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Products which they drink

Products which they drink
 MEGA DOSE FOR MEGA IMMUNITYOptimum D3 4000 IU MEGA is a dietary supplement for people with osteopenia, osteoporosis, autoimmune, cardiovascular, malignant diseases and other conditions and diseases that require vitamin D supplementation.Vitamin D is a liposoluble vitamin that is neces..
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Vitamin D oral drops, Supplement.Ingredient1 drop100 ml% PDU *Vitamin D (Holekalciferol)2.5 µ g7500 µ g50* PDU-recommended daily allowance Other ingredients: a laundry water, propylene glycol, sucrose, polioksil 40 hidrogenovano castor oil, sunflower ..
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Brand: ESI
ALOE FRESH ® spray refresher Product description:ALOE FRESH spray refreshes the breath and prevents the development of bacteria in the oral cavity thanks to its unique composition.Contains aloju, essential oil of tea tree oil, Grapefruit seed extractand kitosan operating antiseptic ..
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Effect:Fish beads contain fish oil rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A and D. Vitamins A and D protect the epithelium, help denticiju, allow proper bone development and preventing rickets. Omega-3 fatty acids help the proper development of the eye and the brain, soothe inflammat..
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Brand: SAUBER plus
GENGIMED ANTIPLACCA SOLUTION 500 mlProduct description:Mouthwash, protects teeth and gums from plaque and provides oral hygiene.Method of application: Use after brushing.  Fill cap to the indicated line, rinse it to 30 seconds, then spit out.Warning: Do not swallow. Not recommended for ..
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Brand: SAUBER plus
GENGIMED REMINERALIZZANTE SOLUTION 500 mlProduct description:Mouthwash, a special formulation helps in restoring the tooth enamel.Method of application: Use after brushing.  Fill cap to the indicated line, rinse it to 30 seconds, then spit out. Contains sodium fluoride.Warning: Do not s..
135.00 RSD
Brand: SAUBER plus
GENGIMED SENSITIVE SOLUTION 500 mlProduct description:Mouthwash, contains no alcohol and fast-acting without the irritation of mouth cavity. Potassium citrate and extract of Chamomile soothe gums. Cetilpiridinijum chloride and zinc citrate combined fight against plaque and strengthen tooth ename..
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In St John's Wort flowers are of painted materials up to 0.4% hipericina, flavonoids, up to 0.3% of the constituents of oil from terpenima, and up to 10% tannins. John's-Wort has antisepticno, antiupalno, sedative, analgetičko, epitelizirajuće. St John's wort oil beneficially to lighter ..
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