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Hair and nails category at www.apotekaonline.rs contains all vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements intended for the growth, strengthening and health of your hair and nails.

Hair and nails are a mirror of the general health of the body. Lack of nutrients can lead to hair loss and brittle nails.
Brand: ESI
BIO COLLAGENIX + ALOEDERMAL - 20161280 - Skin care..
5,425.00 RSD
Brand: ESI
BIO COLLAGENIX LIFT - 20161325 - Skin care..
3,024.00 RSD
Brand: M&V PHARM
COLAFIT KOCKICE - 2016 - Ligaments and sprains..
2,235.00 RSD
TERRANOVA ZINC CAPSULES Product description: This important mineral is found in all living tissues. Zinc activated over 200 enzymes in the body and bisglicinatni shape allows maximum apsorbciju. To it negatively affects phytic acid in grains, oxalic acid (spinach, chocolate, tea) and calcium (dairy..
1,449.00 RSD
Healthy and long-lasting nails for only 5-7 days! Calcium, protein and vitamin formula Recommendation: For weak, broken nails with creased edges as well as nails that break, shoot, have no strength, easily bend and fold. Solution: A calcium formula that accelerates nail growth for 5-7 days. How ..
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