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Teas on the site www.apotekaonline.rs contains a range of baby teas designed to relieve stomach cramps, baby's restful sleep and baby hydration.

Teas and a pharmacy online take care of your youngest.
EFFECT: BIBILIBI tea for babies used to relieve stomach cramps and bloating.ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Extract of cumin and fennel, relaxing the muscles of the intestines and stimulate the removal of gas from the digestive tract.METHOD OF APPLICATION: Dissolve the contents of a bag in 100 ml pro..
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Brand: HIPP
Hipp Tea from raspberry and pomegranate A Dietetic product  Designed for infants from 4. months of life onwards  Gluten-free Composition: glucose, sugar, hibiscus extract, 1.7% 1.5% raspberry juice concentrate, pomegranate extract 1.5%, natural raspberry flavour, acidity regulator, ..
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Brand: HIPP
Hipp instant Tea from wild berries A Dietetic product  Designed for infants from 6. month onwards  Gluten-free Composition: glucose, sugar, fruit preparation: 9.5% (fruit powders and concentrate of red and black currant, glucose syrup (Buckthorn, strawberries, raspberries, blackberr..
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Humana tea from the fennel and cumin is made of very high quality and carefully selected fruits of fennel and cumin. This tea is very mild and is ideal for an additional intake of fluids in babies after 1. week of life. -After the first week of life -fennel Flavor suitable for babies -No artificial ..
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Directions for use: 1 bag of tea (5 g) dissolves in 50-100 ml lukewarm water prokuvane, jumble, give a child to drink or water him throughout the day.adults and children from 4-11god ... 2-4 bags a day young children and babies only recommended by doctors and pharmacists Composition: 100 g instant..
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