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Natural ingredients:Rhodiola rosea-reduces wrinkles around the eyes Extract parsley – reduces dark circles Milk oats – nourishes and softens the skin A Chamomile-soothes, reduces redness and irritation of the skin Flower klevera (clover) – deeply moisturizes The result: P..
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With extract of rhodiola rosea. Rhodiola rosea or Golden root, belongs to the Group of adaptogenih plants which help the organism to adapt to external and internal conditions in which it is located.Natural ingredients:Rhodiola rosea Ginseng extract Rose petals Fitoformula Young skin The ..
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Natural ingredients:Aloe vera-deep hydration Milk oats – intense nourishing Extract parsley – for better skin complexion Nectar klevera (clover)-protects the skin from external influences Ginseng extract-save YouTube skins The result: Proven: For seven days   ..
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Natural ingredients:Rhodiola rosea Ginseng extract The result:Reduces the number of wrinkles, firmer and more elastic skin Healthier and fresher complexion Gentle and smooth skin without redness and stimulation Packing: 50 ml..
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Natural ingredients: Apricot seeds, camomile.The result:The skin thoroughly and gently cleaned The skin becomes smooth and soft The complexion fresh and smooth Packaging: 25 ml..
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