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Longupinn® je sprej za odlaganje prevremene ejakulacije i produženje seksulanog odnosa. D-manozinn oslobađa urinarni trakt od bakterije echerichia colii.

Innventa d-mannosine bags release the urinary tract from the bacterium Echerichia coli. When urine becomes saturated with d-mannose molecules, bacteria bind more easily and quickly to d-mannose molecules than to the wall of the urinary tract. Once bacteria bind to the D-MANOSINN molecule, they are e..
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Topical spray for effective control of premature ejaculationLongupinn® spray contains a liquid emulsion with a light texture based on active principles isolated from Zanthalene® yellow tree fruit extract and clove oil, which gives the male external genitalia a long-lasting and pleasant feeling of pl..
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