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Knee brace after childbirth

Knee brace after childbirth
Post partum Girdle COTTON
Postporođajni bodice for child-bearing women made from pure cotton creates a gentle contact with the skin, breathable skin, hypoallergenic effect, absorbs extra moisture, extremely comfortable and efficient support and control.Belt for after childbirth, facilitates the natural process of returning..
1,583.00 RSD
Postpartum belt with panties and supporting elastic band. The product has two side straps specially designed to prevent the belt from lowering and bending, and are also intended to provide greater back support. Postpartum maternity corset made of pure cotton creates gentle contact with the skin, all..
3,199.00 RSD
SHAPE Shaper Belt-art. 605
Belt of mikrofibera with the effect of formatting your stomach and hips. Creating seamless for great comfort and efficiency, currently shapes the silhouette of a body in a simple and efficient way. The product is discreet and invisible under any odevnog items. Ideal for all people who want to feel s..
1,688.00 RSD
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