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Care & recovery

Care & recovery
Xibiz Bite instant relief gel after insect bite contains a unique formulation based on sodium bicarbonate, ammonium hydroxide and tea tree essential oil.Sodium bicarbonate has a mild anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect. It is used against rashes that are accompanied by symptoms of redness and it..
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Brand: MURAD
MURAD PRODUCTS ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE FOR THE SERBIAN MARKET. Gel for skin recovery, sensitive skin and soothe red, 50 mlFor skin with redness resulting as a consequence of Rosacee, burning or sensitive skin. The patented ingredients of smoothing gel on the skin, strengthen the defensive funct..
6,400.00 RSD
Brand: MURAD
# SUPPLEMENTS AGAINST ACNE and REDNESS #THE EFFECTS AND RESULTS: -Daily treatment that helps in the reduction of skin irritation, fight the stain of acne and accelerates healing of skin -Reduces acne, redness for 55% in six weeks   ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: -Vitamin A helps in cell proliferation an..
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