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Eye drops

Eye drops
IRIDIUM AND EYE DROPS Product description: IRIDIUM is a solution for enforcing airplane containing hyaluronic acid, extract of the herb Echinacea purpurea and amino acids. Application solution that protects the epithelium corneas and to encourage the natural defensive properties improve the tear fil..
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MACUPROTECT KAPSULE - 20161557 - Allergy eye drops..
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What are Makulin® Dual Action eye drops?Makulin® Dual Action eye drops are a medical product for ophthalmic use.They reduce irritation, have an antioxidant, hydrating and lubricating effect and thus calm the eye.They protect the surface of the eye by supporting physiological and integrative antioxid..
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Brand: RAZNO
Nutrof total capsules are a dietary supplement that provides the eyes with nutrients and is rich in vitamins.Nutrof total capsules are rich in vitamins with antioxidant properties, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), eye-specific pigments (lutein and zeaxanthin) and resveratrol.For ..
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OPTINERVE KAPSULE - 20161559 - Allergy eye drops..
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Optiserum eye rinse solution is recommended for removing all impurities from the eye, for adults and children older than 36 months.Storage: Do not use a single-dose ampoule that is already open or damaged. Do not use after the expiry date stated on the package. Sterile disposable packaging en..
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PHYSIODOSE 5 mlProduct description:Physiodose is sterile saline for cleaning the nose and eyes. Action:  Gently cleanses and moisturizes the nasal canals for daily hygiene and in the case of the common cold. Removes excess mucus, dirt and irritating substances from the nasal C..
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PROCULIN DROPS - 20161178 - Allergy eye drops..
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RETISOL KAPSULE - 20161558 - Vitamins for eyes..
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SOOFT BLU GEL AND(sodium hyaluronate 0.3% and amino acids)Drops to moisten and care eyeSASATAV: 100 mL of solution contains:Sodium hyaluronate 0.300 gN-hidroksimetilglicinat 0.002 gSodium EDTA 0.100 gL-PROLINE 0, 0752gL-glycine 0.100 gL-lysine-hlorhidrat 0.014 gL-Leucine 0.0108 g..
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SYSTANE ® BALANCE Description:SYSTANE ® BALANCE drops to moisten the eye are lubrikantni product on the basis of lipids for the treatment of dry eye. Greasing the surface of eye, complement and stabilize the lipid layer of the tear film and reduce excessive evaporation of tears.SYST..
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