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After-Sun care

After-Sun care
MUSTELA SUN 1 + 2 FREEMustela sun set contains Mustela lotion with high UV protection 200 ml, mustela lotion with high UV protection 100 ml and mustela spray after sunbathing.MUSTELA LOTION WITH HIGH UV PROTECTIONProduct description:Developed in line with the latest scientific advances in protecting..
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ACTION: Hamamelis Virginiana distillate plants sadrtži active substances that seem astringent, soothes burning and irritated skin. Reduces problems with bruises and removes the bruises. D-panthenol accelerates tissue regeneration, binds water in the skin which prevents its drainage. Chamomile extrac..
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AVE CALAMINA LOSIONProduct Description:AVE CALAMINA LOSION with its protective, astringent and antiseptic properties relieves problems with various skin irritations. With a gentle cooling effect, it removes itching and improves skin condition. It allows for better adsorption of secretions from damag..
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PROTECT BETATENProduct description:Strong Nature BetaTen protekt is a supplement based on carotenoids — lycopene, beta carotene and quercetin, vitamin E, selenium, zinc and copper.Beta carotene is a provitamin of vitamin A, necessary for maintaining normal function of vision and sk..
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COCO JECO AVE DERMProduct Description:Coco Jeco Ave Derm ointment contains fish oil, rich in Vitamin A, which is a neopho day for collagen formation and normal epidermis. Vitamin A provides maintenance of the natural protective function of the epidermis. Helps and accelerates the regeneration of irr..
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ECOMER ® cream 50 gEcomer cream is used for daily care of healthy and regenerate damaged skin. Zahvaljujći of Ecomer cream contributes significantly to the establishment of immuno-skin balance.Ecomer cream hydrates, nourishes and regenerates skin's texture, light and pleasant smell. ..
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Brand: RAZNO
My balm for dry and cracked skin, scars and burns 30 ml Product DescriptionGREEN – 100% NATURAL HERBAL PRODUCT for SKIN, SCARS and BURNSCarefully selected components act synergistically to reduce the inflammation, swelling, redness, and pain in various skin irritations.IT is RECOMMENDED ..
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Brand: NIVEA
To skin as more beautiful, do not forget to use the product after sunbathing. He is especially formulated to cool and soothe skin exposed to the Sun and provides long-lasting, beautiful complexion.How it works: Currently, soothes the skin exposed to influences of the Sun for a better feeling. In a..
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OZONE GOLD - OZONIZED SUN CREAM WITH A FACTOR OF 50 SUN PROTECTIONOZONE GOLD - Ozonated sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 50 (SPF 50) contains extremely useful UVA and UVB protection from the sun's rays. This sunscreen provides optimal protection of the skin from harmful UV radiation from th..
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Panthenol is a vitamin of the B group, which is a normal constituent of the skin and hair. Panthenol is necessary for normal functioning of epithelial tissues. Lack of pantenola leads to depigmentacije and deskvamacije. Panthenol stimulates regeneration and function of epithelial tissue, postiče the..
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SEBAMED SUN AFTER SOOTHING BALM 150ML-Specially formulated after-sun lotion quickly relieves and revitalizes overheated skin after sunbathing-Balanced complex of ingredients refreshes skin hydrolipids-Vitamin E eliminates damaging free radicals and protects against premature aging-Combined cooling a..
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SEBAMED SUN CREAM SPF 30 75ml- Maximum UVA and UVB protection - protection against burns and prevention of melanoma- Accurately defined SPF (UVB protection)- 98% UVA absorption- Physiological pH - Sebamed products are the only ones that provide sun protection adjusted to a pH value of 5.5- Regenerat..
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