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Baby cramps

Baby cramps at www.apotekaonline.rs contains preparations and aids to help you and your baby relieve abdominal pain.

Cramps, or infantile colic, can occur as early as the 15th day of life, and can last up to 9 months, although these are rare. The spasms usually recede between the 2nd and 5th months of life. This condition affects between 10% and 25% of babies under three months of age.

Each baby responds individually and the duration of these episodes is different for each baby, but they usually disappear by about the third month.
Baby compresses against cramps is 100% natural belt against baby colic (blue or pink) relieves abdominal discomfort baby-colic, stomach flu, etc. Completely natural ingredients provide baby calming and pleasant.Soothe baby stomachache Reduces cramping stomach, colds, etc. Completely natural H..
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Babyfen is composed of oil and wheat germ oil, cumin, intended for babies and children under the age of 12 years. Beneficial to problems in digestion, with slow and difficult digestion, bloating and cramps. Babyfen is a 100% natural product which relieves cramps, bloating feeling and provides peace ..
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COLIEF INFANT DROPS - 20161552 - Preparations against cramps..
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Natural help for elimination of intenstinalnih gases and how great (Cramps).Infantile colic-Cramps are a common occurrence, which occurs in a large number of newborns and infants. Usually last for 3 hours during the day, most often occurring in poslepodnevnim classes and characterized them intense..
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