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Common cold

Common cold category on www.apotekaonline.rs contains dietary supplements to help you get rid of cold and flu symptoms, boost your immune system and can be used for preventative purposes.

Common cold involves infection and inflammation of the mucous membranes in the nose and throat and can be accompanied by fever.

Common cold is a common enemy to everyone, and with the help of pharmacy online as an ally, we will win this fight together.
Special offer lasts while stocks last.The great advantage of HERBIKO syrup is what can be applied with a dry cough for his calm, and the cough that accompanies the secretions for his razređivanje and easier to cough up. Special manufacturing process enabled this double effect and makismalan effect..
457.00 RSD
Ecomer is a product which is used to boost immunity and general condition of the organism.ECOMER WORKS ON: -the establishment of immune-system balance -protects against infections, colds and flu -great with allergies -Regulates the level of white and red blood -Speeds up the healing of woun..
3,920.00 RSD
Quick help with inflammation of the throat, tonsils and mouth! In the autumn and winter period, the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat and mouth) is the most susceptible to inflammation (viral or bacterial) and manifests the redness, suvoćom, pain when swallowing, ka&scaro..
727.00 RSD
BRONCAMIL syrup-natural help for the good condition of the respiratory tract.Coughing is a natural reflex defense to remove secretions and foreign bodies and one of the most common symptoms for which the children occur at a doctor's appointment.  This reflex can be very tedious and exh..
799.00 RSD
Isotonic saline spray up your nose. Serves to clean and moisten the mucous membrane of the nose (e.g. dry air), for additional treatment with zapušenog nose (e.g. colds).Ingredients: 0.9% solution of sodium chloride, a laundry water does not contain minor ingredients and preservatives ..
410.00 RSD
Brand: RAZNO
For stronger immunity.ZINKOSEL is a dietary product that is recommended in all the stressful situations that weaken the natural resistance of the organism.  Boosts the immune system: -slows down the aging process -Effective in the fight against stress -Reduces the risk of the emergence of m..
495.00 RSD
APIMED TUSIK SIRUP - 25783203 - Dry cough and hoarseness..
715.00 RSD
Brand: RAZNO
GELOSITIN SPRAY  Product description:GeloSitin spray rafinisanim with sesame oil, first choice at the dry mucous membranes of the nose, and as a means to otpušavanje the nose. Protect your nose with the help of GeloSitin spray, whose performance was much better than a physiological ..
850.00 RSD
GOODWILL ZINKProduct Description:Zinc is an essential trace element that forms part of over 70 different enzyme systems in the body. Zinc contributes to:- normal function of the immune system,- normal cognitive function,- maintaining normal bones,- normal fertility and reproduction,- maintaining nor..
320.00 RSD
IMMUNO G CAPSULES OPSI products:Immuno-G is a natural product that comes out of the 8 selected layers of medical fungi Ganoderma lucidum cultivated in laboratory conditions in the European Union. Way of farming, gathering materials and production guarantees optimum content of active supstansi i..
4,585.00 RSD
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