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Preparati koji se piju

Preparati koji se piju
Brand: KRKA
Carefully read these instructions because it contains information that is important to You.This medicine you can buy without a medical prescription, to treat minor ailments without the help of your doctor. In addition, it is necessary to carefully use this medicine to get the best results from i..
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BIOVIT B12-lingvalete As methylcobalamin 1000 µ g-Biologically active form of vitamin B12 Preparation B12 BIOVIT contains vitamin B12 in an active form that is quickly absorbed in the mouth and immediately use in your system. Use lingvaleta B12 BIOVIT, as a supplement, it's the most comf..
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Enjoy the multiple benefits of Centrum your health and improving the quality of life. If we all do that, we need to provide ourselves the best support in the form of a well-balanced diet. How the body with increased daily activity using vitamins and minerals, proper compensation is of crucial impor..
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STRENGTHENS IMMUNITYEchinacea has been used in traditional medicine for centuries as a medicinal herb. Stimulating the white blood cells and shows has an anti-inflammatory effect and antiviral action. It also stresses its role in fungal infections. Numerous studies have confirmed that Echinacea ..
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Evening primrose oil is a source of the essential fatty acid GLA and LA that have an anti-inflammatory effect. Evening primrose oil helps with tension and pain in the chest that are the result of premenstrual syndrome.Evening primrose oil forte 1300mg recommends: -With premenstrualnog syndrome ..
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FERO B12-chewable tabletsPreparation FERAUD B12 contributes to: creation of krvenih hemoglobinasmanjenju red cell count and fatigue and energy iscrpljenostiodržavanju metabolizmanormalnoj normal function of the immune system. Iron helps to transport oxygen, and normal in your body. Vi..
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Effect:Fish beads contain fish oil rich in omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A and D. Vitamins A and D protect the epithelium, help denticiju, allow proper bone development and preventing rickets. Omega-3 fatty acids help the proper development of the eye and the brain, soothe inflammat..
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Ingredients: 800 mg linseed oil, 90 mg of primrose oil, Virgin olive oil 60 mg, 30 mg wheat germ oil, 10 mg of oil, Macadamia ternifolia.CHARACTERISTICS and EFFECT: MEGA OMEGA, its optimal contents of fatty acids, enables healthy functioning of the cardiovascular system. Omega fatty acids help to ..
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