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When picking up the shipment, please check your package in the presence of the courier. If there is any visible damage (torn parts and clogging) you should not download the package. In this case, please call us on +381 13 745 755 or send us an e-mail with your details (name, phone number) at and state the reason why you refused to download the package. We will notify you of further action as soon as possible.

If you have received the shipment and after opening the box found that the delivered goods do not match the ordered or the information on the invoice is not appropriate, please call us at +381 13 745 755, or send us an e-mail at the latest within 24 hours of the receipt of the shipment. -mail with your information (name, surname, phone) to and describe what problem you have. We will notify you of further action as soon as possible.

If there are any inconsistencies in the purchased product within the meaning of the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, please proceed in the manner defined by the Consumer Complaints Regulations for goods purchased through an online store (the rulebook can be downloaded HERE). Goods together with the claim form (you can download the form HERE) You need to send to the address Health institution - Pharmacy "Alek" (with a name for the web shop), Kovin, Ul.Trg Oslobođenja br. 6a.