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The sale category on our site contains all the discounted products as well as 2 + 1 gratis, 3 + 1 gratis packages as well as multiple packages of various other preparations.
Category sale include herbal-based products and preparations to help with various problems and problems. This section covers products from many other categories, such as: allergies, anemia, cholesterol, weight loss, colds, potency, pregnancy, babies, cosmetics, etc.
BONE-UP MD is a unique formula for effective prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Bone Up MD is used in conditions of decreased immunity, but also in conditions where supplementation is needed to strengthen bones.The unique formula for raising immunity, Bone Up MD bags of calcium, magnesium..
3,678.00 RSD
BONE-UP MD is an innovative preparation for osteoporosis and osteopenia with an additional immune effect.Bone-UP MD is a combination of Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate, Zinc Citrate, Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3, which affect the proper and even incorporation of calcium into the bone matrix. It ..
1,839.00 RSD
Brand: DOVE
Dove deodorant antiperspirant spray script.Packaging: 250 ml..
199.00 RSD 377.00 RSD
Brand: Nicefeel
Nicefeel gum and tooth irrigator is a revolutionary product in dentistry. Nicefeel gum and tooth irrigator, by combining water pressure and pulsation, removes harmful bacteria deep between the teeth and under the gums, unlike toothbrushes and floss, which have restrictive access.Nicefeel gum and too..
6,900.00 RSD 8,900.00 RSD
Brand: Nicefeel
OEM Dione C9 prenosivi oralni irigator za desni i zube 3 Minuta pametne memorije | Snažan pritisak prilikom čišćenjaIPX7 tehnologija za vodootpornost 360 stepeni rotacija glave 3 programa čišćenja Potpuno sigurni materijaliSnažan pritisak vode za ispiranje usta Visok pritisak implusa, č..
3,990.00 RSD 7,980.00 RSD
BURЯA SUN BODY MILK SPF 50+ - 40002397 - Skin care..
790.00 RSD 1,728.00 RSD
BURЯA Sun milk for skin protection bodies of the Sun with SPF15 and SPF30 protection against harmful UV radiation in a wide range of UVA and UVB by using a combination of chemical and mineral filters. Formulated on the base of ektoina, Shea butter, skvalana and vitamin e. Ektoin as a natural substan..
590.00 RSD 1,180.00 RSD
Brand: VITAE
ReConnectDietary supplement containing coenzyme Q10, coenzyme E1 (NADH), serine and vitamin C.It contributes to the normal function of the nervous system, normal psychological functions, energy metabolism and the reduction of fatigue and exhaustion.Coenzyme Q10 is considered a "scavenger" of free ra..
1,099.00 RSD 1,660.00 RSD
Brand: NIVEA
Creamy gel for skin soft like cashmere. Savour the moment new beauty in every washroom. Let the sensual fragrance of blooming orchids caresses your senses while the creamy gel with protein cashmere turns into a creamy foam for gentle-feeling skin soft like cashmere.pH neutral Dermatologically c..
230.00 RSD 298.00 RSD
OMNIFLEX 2 + 1 FREEEase of movementLiquid dietary supplementIt contains a combination of active ingredients: collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid.LIQUID NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS 500 ML ORANGE FLAVORFlexvital liquid food supplement contains a combination of active ingredients: collag..
5,000.00 RSD
SKINAGE COLLAGEN ADVANCED 2 + 1 FREEStop the timeLiquid dietary supplementContains hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol and vitamin C.The combination of collagen, hyaluronic acid and resveratrol nourishes the skin from the inside, and vitamin C contributes to the normal production of co..
4,800.00 RSD
SKINAGE COLLAGEN ADVANCED + SKINAGE HAIR BOOST + OMNIFLEXSkinage Collagen AdvancedWAY OF USETake 50 ml once a day. Shake before use.INGREDIENTSPurified water; sucrose; hydrolyzed marine collagen (fish); fructose; dry grape peel extract (Vitis vinifera) (5% resveratrol); orange aroma; acidity regulat..
5,000.00 RSD
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