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Accessories for comfortable walking

Accessories for comfortable walking
The pad is made of soft and transparent silicone gel. Relieves pressure on the heel. Has no effect on the appearance of footwear, the top of the PADS has a subtle design, which prevents sliding of the foot in the open dressed. Samolepljiv. Universal size.Packing: 1 pair..
756.00 RSD
Natural leather surface roughness, stuffed with a soft rubber and a generous layer of samolepljiv spečavaju shoes. Prevent a concussion, and corrects inconsistencies that occur in the petnom part of the shoes. Universal size.Packing: 1 pair..
290.00 RSD
Ideal for frozen and slippery city sidewalks as protection from slipping on icy surfaces. Set on the front of the shoe, with metal points facing downwards + Velcro. Quick and easy to set. Practical, because you can put in your pocket or purse in the winter. Universal size and the same for the right ..
999.00 RSD
Soft rubber grommet with active coal. Looks hygienic, antibacterial and against unpleasant odors.Size: universal.Packing: 1 pairManufacturer: SVORTO. CZ S.R. OF..
316.00 RSD
The pad is made of soft and flexible LaTeX foam which is lined with cotton. Softens the step and relieves pressure on the sore spots in the front of the foot. The shape imitates a heavily burdened part of the feet, part of the under the joints of fingers. The pad is fixed to foot an elastic band on ..
445.00 RSD
Ped Egg foot care power – is the device extremely easy to handle, practical, beautiful lie in hand and it's light as a feather. Your mobile PC is running on battery there is a button with which you burn and turn the camera. Simply turn it on, tap your toe and he's doing his job with mu..
2,200.00 RSD
The upper layer of warm brushed polyester, a middle layer of EVAC-and absorb shocks, aluminum foil on the bottom protects against cold and moisture.Packing: 1 pairManufacturer: SVORTO. CZ S.R. OF..
456.00 RSD
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