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Dr. Tanner

Dr. Tanner
The active principle of lotion, obtained from a rare sevenog sawmills, locally applied to the scalp is affected to better nutrition, root hair follicles, it improves perfusion as a beneficial effect on hair growth and elimination of dandruff.INGREDIENTS (INCI): Aqua Alcohol, Glycerin, Propilene..
1,450.00 RSD
Dr. Colić Pure cream strongly affecting the removal of pigmented spots, regenerate skin and complexion balancing.Pure cream contains active Alpha-arbutin which bleaches the skin, evens out its color and prevents hyperpigmentation. Cream effectively removes stains from the Sun, is effective in th..
1,095.00 RSD
Dr. Colić Beauty Therapy anti-rides provides intensive hydration and rejuvenation of the sensitive area around the eyes. Thin, delicate skin around the eye lose flexibility and receives the first wrinkles. That's why our anti-aging with the addition of hyaluronic acid designed to fill small wrin..
1,320.00 RSD
Intense hydration that restores shine and smoothness with a delicate area around the eyes. A concentrate of active ingredients that achieves excellent results in the fight against the island and mimičnih.No parabens.INGREDIENTS (INCI): Aqua, Glyceryl stearate Ceteareth-20//Ceteareth-12/Cete..
1,319.00 RSD
We can freely say that Sensititive day cream, contains the best care for your sensitive skin.As an important substance in our body, hyaluronic acid is necessary for a healthy and taut face. Fills in wrinkles and regular use is slowing down the aging process.Argan oil, the most valuable and b..
1,800.00 RSD
Skin care during the night is equally important, as well as daily care. While our body rests, processes in the skin are different and therefore Sensitive night cream specifically worded to provide a complete regeneration of the face.In addition to the main ingredients of beneficent: hyaluronic a..
1,945.00 RSD
Nourishes, calms and gives skin a maximum balance need to be physiological processes of regeneration activated during sleep. In response to daily stresses, in favor of skin were stressful, nocturnal formulation is rich in plant oils that allow skin to restructuring.Thanks to the rich background ..
1,780.00 RSD
The texture of the skin during the night provides a synergetic combination of hyaluronic acid and plant oils, which revives the processes of synthesis of natural factors that increase the firmness and elasticity of the skin, and maximum occur when the skin is resting.No parabens.INGREDIENTS ..
1,798.00 RSD
Contains the triple greater concentration of hijalurona. Has a texture that is worded to remove visible traces of fatigue and to make a fresh face after waking up. Its properties "fillers"-a boot loader, hyaluronic acid uglađuje small lines and wrinkles, minimizes swelling. On hyaluronate ..
1,650.00 RSD
Hyperpigmentation that occur from sunbathing, hormonal changes are most common on the hands and face. Cream with active Alpha arbutinom is applied to a place where there is an accumulation of pigment after cleansing the skin peeling with SOAP in the morning and in the evening. It is suggested protec..
998.00 RSD
Day care provides the optimal daily dose of moisture that is required.Hydrate and balance skin tone are the basic characteristics of daily care. Immediately after applying creates a soft, flexible and refreshed skin.  Polymers of Hyaluronic acids bind and retain water in epidermis level, f..
1,680.00 RSD
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