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Medical toothpaste

Medical toothpaste
Complete protection and prolonged antibacterial effect during the night. Contains essential oils of Amazon rosewood, lavender and bergamot, which have antibacterial effect and give the morning freshness. Rare aphrodisiac oils provide a relaxing effect. Pineapple papaya enzyme complex and prevents th..
589.00 RSD
Intensive care under dentures, implant weekly intensive care, with periodontitis, fixed restorations: accurately targeted use with surgical brush. CURAPR0X interdentalnim with CPS brushes or simply apply with your finger. Seek a solution for many problems of care...
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Sage extract reduces inflammation and anti-bacterial properties, prevents the development of pathogenic bacteria. Cedar nut oil tones sluzokožu.Packaging: 250 ml..
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Brand: ORAL-B
Oral-B 3-CLASSIC EFFECTProduct description:Toothbrush 3-Effect Classic MediumOval brush shape allows easier cleaning of the side teeth.-Polished, rounded hair, penetrating deeply, but gently and safely to inaccessible places...
102.00 RSD
Brand: ORAL-B
Oral-B 3-EFFECT MAXI CLEANProduct description:Oral B 3-effect Maxi Clean toothbrush that combines combines quality with innovation. Unique triple fiber (triple-fun), specially designed to reach deep between teeth to remove plaque. Blue indicator fades during the period of use and shows wear brus..
129.00 RSD
Brand: ORAL-B
Oral-B 3D WHITE 4 STK.Product description:Cartridge for toothbrush 3D White 4 STK.Oral-B 3D White brush head for zamenskeTo gently remove stains and natural white teeth.Superior polishing effect.Product description:-The Oral-B 3D White brush attachment is designed to gently removes sta..
1,889.00 RSD
Brand: ORAL-B
Oral-B 3D WHITE ARTICToothbrush 3D White ArticProduct description:Oral B 3D White Artic is a toothbrush that is designed to help you increase the effectiveness of toothpaste with unique fibers that get waxed. Using the teeth become brighter and whiter. Effectively cleans stains from teeth to n..
279.00 RSD
Brand: ORAL-B
Oral-B 3D WHITE FRESHProduct description:Toothbrush 3D White Fresh Medium-brushes Packthree benefits in one 3D White Fresh toothbrush:-clean the teeth of plaque-plain language and refreshes the breath-stimulate and massage the gums..
278.00 RSD
Brand: ORAL-B
Oral-B 3D WHITE FRESH MEDIUMToothbrush 3D White Fresh mediumProduct description:Oral B 3D White Fresh 3 toothbrush that provides three advantages. Clean your teeth and removes plaque, plain language and leaves a fresh breath, stimulate and massage the gums. The hairs are tender and are du..
179.00 RSD
Brand: ORAL-B
Oral-B 3D WHITE LUXEProduct description:Vibrating toothbrush 3D White Luxe Extra Soft3D White Luxe toothbrush has soft, vibrating bristles that help break down plaque between the teeth and removes surface stains. 3D White Luxe brush uses batteries to give You the best possible smile...
723.00 RSD
Brand: ORAL-B
Oral-B 3D WHITE LUXE PRO-FLEXProduct description:Toothbrush 3D White Luxe Pro-Flex SoftPro-Flex toothbrush has two flexible wings which are independently moving toward your unique teeth and gums, to better clean the creases and contours. Hair, together with Stain Eraser-om removes up to..
462.00 RSD
Brand: ORAL-B
ORAL-B COMPLETE DUO BRUSHToothbrush Complete 2 brushes PackProduct description:Oral-B Complete 5 Way Clean toothbrush has five ways to maintain Your teeth perfectly clean:-PowerTip hairs that clean and inaccessible parts-Clean the parts in between teeth-Polishing and cleans teeth stains ..
342.00 RSD
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