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15 Sep Probiotic, prebiotic, symbiotic
Apoteka “Alek” 0 19632
Where is the difference? Application in the treatment and preservation of health.The digestive system is responsible for digesting food and providing the body with energy from the food we ingest. Thro..
04 Jan Detoxification as a lifestyle
Apoteka “Alek” 0 14222
Many of us, when we mention detox, think of quick results in a few days. They adopt one diet for a while, and then return to old, bad habits. Detox does not mean any magic pill, but a complete change ..
27 Nov What are dermocosmetic preparations?
Apoteka “Alek” 0 15917
Today's cosmetics market is flooded with a "sea" of cosmetics. Aggressive advertisements, unrealistic promises as a percentage, tempting bottles containing products of often dubious quality and effici..
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