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Natal Orthomol ® is a dietary supplement for women before, during and after pregnancy with vitamins, micronutrients and antioxidants, such as folic acid, iodine, iron, magnesium and calcium, and a special omega-3 fatty kiselinima, especially DHA, as well as Probiotic. Nutrition before, during..
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Brand: AVENT
Avent breast pumps for milk pumps without BPA: Izmazanje is much easier and easier thanks to the unique design of the pump Gently stimulates milk flow and nadolaženje The pump has a soft massage jastučice Using the pump easy to combine breast and bottle feeding The package comes with a pump d..
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EFFECT: Oligovit ® tablets for pregnant women, the movie is a dietary product intended for pregnant women and women for a period following childbirth and during lactation. During pregnancy, the period after childbirth and during lactation significantly increased need for vitamins and minerals, ..
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Brand: AVENT
Night protecting the wider shape for added protection when you are lying down   The unique design of the four layers of the skin keeps the dry Natural materials Protection against slipping sticky tapes Dermatologically tested..
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Brand: ESI
FERROLIN C capsules FERROLIN C is a dietary supplement with iron, vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin B12 in the form of capsules. Very well tolerated well and is recommended for pregnant women. No colored teeth and does not cause nausea. Ferrolin C capsules are recommended and the elderly, ..
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GLOBIFER FORTE TABLETS Product description: Iron helps normal creation of red blood cells and hemoglobin synthesis. Iron is necessary for the performance of a large number of vital functions in a man's body which then directly depend on its sufficient entries. Essential for the biosynthesis..
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GLOBIFER PLUS TABLETS Product description: Globifer plus ancillary medicinal means, intended for the treatment of anemia caused by iron deficiency. Low or depleted reserves of iron in the body lead to the emergence of dizziness, weakness and fatigue. It is recommended: People with proven ..
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Brand: MED EQ
HEMATOFEROL SR TABLETE - 20161554 - Iron preparations..
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Brand: MED EQ
NATABIOL TABLETE - 20161555 - Iron preparations..
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Vitamin D oral drops, Supplement. Ingredient 1 drop 100 ml % PDU * Vitamin D (Holekalciferol) 2.5 µ g 7500 µ g 50 * PDU-recommended daily allowance Other ingredients: a laundry water, propylene glycol, sucrose, polioksil 40 hidrogenovano castor oil, sunflower ..
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