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The domestic drug factory Ave Pharmaceutical in its portfolio offers you its range of drugs and supplements for a wide range of diseases.
 AVE CITRONELLA MOSQUITO SPRAYAve Citronella is a spray with a pleasant smell for people, and an unpleasant smell for insects. Provides natural protection against mosquitoes and other insects.Way of use:Shake before use! Spray the solution directly on the skin of the exposed part of the body y..
440.00 RSD
Avebrusnica is a product which is a natural antibiotic, because it prevents the appliance bacteria to the walls of mucous membranes in the body. It is used for urinary tract infections, and it has been confirmed and its effect against of Escherichia coli and other pathogenic bacteria that can cau..
708.00 RSD
AVE CALAMINA CREAM                                                                          Dermatološki testi..
3,750.00 RSD 4,554.00 RSD
AVE CALAMINA CREAM                                                                          Dermatološki testi..
1,250.00 RSD 1,518.00 RSD
AVE CALAMINA LOSIONProduct Description:AVE CALAMINA LOSION with its protective, astringent and antiseptic properties relieves problems with various skin irritations. With a gentle cooling effect, it removes itching and improves skin condition. It allows for better adsorption of secretions from damag..
1,195.00 RSD
AVE DENT GELAve dent is a gel with a pleasant taste and smell, intended for the care of the oral mucosa. It consists of a unique formulation of carefully selected natural ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane.Ingredients: propolis, chamomile extract, heartwood extract, tea..
358.00 RSD
Ave Femme is a product intended for use in pregnant women for healthy planning pregnancy or in women who are planning pregnancy. You should use it for three months before conception and during the first trimester of pregnancy. The product can be used during the entire pregnancy, except if you take e..
353.00 RSD
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