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GOODWILL ZINKProduct Description:Zinc is an essential trace element that forms part of over 70 different enzyme systems in the body. Zinc contributes to:- normal function of the immune system,- normal cognitive function,- maintaining normal bones,- normal fertility and reproduction,- maintaining nor..
320.00 RSD
PROFERTIL CAPSULES Product description:Profertil consists of eight specific ingredients that are usually part of the human body. Clinical studies have shown that the optimal combination and concentration of ingredients Profertil ® significantly improves the quality of sperm.Action: Sel..
7,890.00 RSD
PROFERTIL FEMALEProduct description:Composition of the PROfertil female-and is such that it works on all critical periods in women who have not achieved the desired offspring, and have a problem with anuvolatornim cycles, polycystic ovaries, or are in the process of preparing for i.v.f....
8,990.00 RSD
ALANERV CAPSULES Product description:ALAnerv is an add-on ishran containing Alpha-lipoinsku acid, boražine oil, vitamins of B group, vitamin E and selenium. Vitamins B1, B2, B6 contributes to the normal function of the nervous system. Vitamin E and selenium can help protect cells from oxidativ..
1,699.00 RSD
Aronia juice 100% natural with no additional sugar, flavors, colors and preservatives.Crnoplodn aornija (Aronia melanocarpa) it is extremely healing and beneficial plant and represents a rich source: anti-oxidants, flavonoids, vitamins (a, b, c, e, k, p, pp, folic acid) and minerals (Fe, K, Ca, ..
1,437.00 RSD
BERES DROP PLUS 100ml - 20161449 - Vitamins and minerals..
1,542.00 RSD
BERES DROP PLUS 30ml - 20161448 - Vitamins and minerals..
718.00 RSD
CARTIGEL 100mlProduct description:Cartigel is a unique combination of essential oils, menthol and camphor that helps with:- joint and muscle pain,- rheumatic problems,- sports injuries,- a headache,- neck pain,- back pain, especially sciatica,- fibromyalgia.Due to the presence of eucalyptus and clo..
575.00 RSD
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