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Our priority is to improve the quality of life of the population in Central and Southeast Europe. We have a clear vision and strategy on how to contribute to the health, and thus to a better quality of life for children and adults.
Our focus is on medical sciences and research projects that contribute to the development and finding of innovative solutions. We pay special attention to product development, constantly improve them and strive to make them available to as many people as possible.
Goodwill Pharma is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Hungary, with over 20 years of experience in the production and distribution of drugs and supplements in Europe. In order to further develop the market of the Adriatic region, Goodwill Pharma d.o.o. was established in Serbia in 2003. based in Subotica.
With the growth of the number of business partners, we have become an international company that continuously improves and develops export activities.
MAGNEWILL RAPID Magnewill Rapid is applied in the form of a drink that allows faster absorption and faster action of magnesium • Helps with fatigue and exhaustion • Contributes to normal muscle function • Contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system • Contributes to normal energy..
637.00 RSD
GOODWILL ZINKProduct Description:Zinc is an essential trace element that forms part of over 70 different enzyme systems in the body. Zinc contributes to:- normal function of the immune system,- normal cognitive function,- maintaining normal bones,- normal fertility and reproduction,- maintaining nor..
320.00 RSD
PROFERTIL 60cps • Confirmed increases sperm volume • Confirmed increases in sperm count • Improves sperm motility • Confirmed increases male fertility Clinically proven, it increases fertility after the first three months! ABOUT THE PRODUCT PROfertil © IS AN ORIGINAL VITAMIN COMPLEX FOR THE D..
7,890.00 RSD
PROFERTIL FEMALEProduct description:Composition of the PROfertil female-and is such that it works on all critical periods in women who have not achieved the desired offspring, and have a problem with anuvolatornim cycles, polycystic ovaries, or are in the process of preparing for i.v.f....
8,990.00 RSD
• Clinically proven preparation with the strongest antioxidants • 600 mg alpha-lipoic acid • For maximum protection of cells from oxidative stress • As an adjunct to diabetes therapy• Effective in peripheral polyneuropathy (reduces tingling, tingling, cramps) • Slows down aging • Helps fight ma..
0.00 RSD
ALAnerv • Innovative product, dietary supplement containing alpha-lipoic and gamma-linolenic acid, B vitamins, vitamin E and selenium. • Recommended in all conditions of increased need to protect cells from oxidative stress • Suitable for normal nervous system function • Additional therapy for a..
1,720.00 RSD
Aronia juice 100% natural with no additional sugar, flavors, colors and preservatives.Crnoplodn aornija (Aronia melanocarpa) it is extremely healing and beneficial plant and represents a rich source: anti-oxidants, flavonoids, vitamins (a, b, c, e, k, p, pp, folic acid) and minerals (Fe, K, Ca, ..
1,437.00 RSD
• 100% natural juice of domestic production - without added sugar, flavors, colors and preservatives • A combination of chokeberry and pomegranate • A real treasury with about 300 biologically active substances ABOUT THE PRODUCT Aronia + Pomegranate, 100% natural juice of domestic production - w..
1,409.00 RSD
Béres Actival Kid Multivitamin for children with minerals, trace elements and sweeteners, with a pleasant strawberry taste. • Strengthens the child's natural immunity • Helps proper growth and development • Improves the general condition of the body and appetite • Does not contain sugars, and t..
654.00 RSD
Active Bearings Max • Multivitamin with minerals, trace elements and increased amount of vitamin C. • Contributes to the maintenance of general well-being and fitness as well as to the preservation of the body's resistance. • Free of lactose or gluten • Suitable for vegetarians • Suitable for p..
907.00 RSD
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