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Premium Pharma is part of the Premium Genetics Group, with the same mission to bring the latest world achievements in the pharmaceutical industry to the market.We develop our products with a lot of dedication and attention, in order to push the boundaries that exist in practice. For that reason, our portfolio consists of different, improved products that are new in the world and that set world standards.
Biota intima capsules are intended for women of all ages, preventing vaginal and urinary infections.Biota Intima are immunoprobiotic oral capsules that represent a unique combination of as many as 6 highly specific probiotic bacteria and two key immunomodulators - lactoferrin and vitamin D.I..
1,547.00 RSD
Premium pharma glutathione 250mg is a dietary supplement that strengthens the immune system and protects all cells from oxidative stress.Without adequate levels of glutathione, a longevity molecule, we are at risk for many chronic diseases today, including heart attacks and strokes, Alzheimer's ..
4,739.00 RSD
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