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www.apotekaonline.rs and agu offer innovative medical products that provide comfort to the child, facilitate the daily life of young parents and open new opportunities for family adventures.

Agu Uses the latest technologies and high quality materials. We can call the devices not only innovative, but also truly ergonomic, reliable, safe and comfortable for children and their parents. In addition, AGU products are simple and pleasant to use, which gives young parents and their children a pleasant and emotional life.

Brand: AGU
The AGU Giraffe non-contact thermometer measures temperature without touching the skin. It only takes 1 second for the temperature to be read with an accuracy of ± 0.2 ° C. It signals the end of the measurement and notifies with a sound and light signal if the temperature is elevated. The AGU Giraff..
6,980.00 RSD
Brand: AGU
AGU Penguin nasal aspirator for comfortable and fast cleaning of the nose for newborns and children. The AGU Penguin Nasal Aspirator is specially designed for cleaning the nose of a newborn or child at home or on the road. Soft and comfortable aspirator extensions (both short and long are available)..
5,640.00 RSD
Brand: AGU
The AGU infrared smart brain thermometer makes measuring temperature and storing results very simple and accurate. Temperature can be measured in two ways: by measuring inside the ear canal or on the forehead. Measurement values ​​are stored in a single AGU application. The history of measurements i..
8,349.00 RSD
Brand: AGU
Agu Wally smart baby scale with stadiometer makes measuring a child's weight and height easy and enjoyable. Storing and analyzing data is practical and easy. The Agu Wally smart baby scale is controlled manually or with the help of a simple AGU app. Monitoring your baby's weight and development is o..
12,942.00 RSD
Brand: AGU
The AGU Balloon compressor inhaler is the smallest and quietest compressor inhaler in its range. Small in size, light and practically inaudible. The AGU Balloon compressor inhaler is very comfortable and portable and thus suitable for travel. It can operate with an external battery when there is no ..
6,837.00 RSD
Brand: AGU
The AGU Brushy smart toothbrush for children is a toothbrush that will teach a child how to brush their teeth properly. The AGU Smart Toothbrush for Kids, with its unique learning app, will teach your kids to brush their teeth properly on their own. A fun character and an interesting story make lear..
12,510.00 RSD
Brand: AGU
The AGU Bubbly multifunctional kettle 6 in 1 is a device that has a combination of all the necessary functions for preparing healthy meals. AGU Bubbly multifunctional kettle 6 in 1 combines all the operations needed to prepare healthy meals for babies. This comprehensive product combines several use..
11,373.00 RSD
Brand: AGU
The AGU Cookee mini 3-in-1 food processor is a compact model of food preparation appliance. The AGU mini food preparation appliance 3 in 1 fits into every kitchen and will perform all the key tasks related to cooking healthy and delicious food for the youngest ... and more. It has the functions of s..
16,413.00 RSD
Brand: AGU
The AGU Happy Shaker smart baby formula maker is designed to make life easier for parents as much as possible. At the same time, proper preparation of milk formula is ensured in cases when breastfeeding is disabled. With just one click, using a simple AGU application, the milk formula is at the idea..
31,230.00 RSD
Brand: AGU
The AGU EAGLET thermometer provides fast and accurate body temperature measurement. The thermometer gives you accurate readings regardless of the ambient temperature. For the convenience of parents, there are 2 different ways to measure body temperature: by placing a thermometer inside the ear canal..
5,224.00 RSD
Brand: AGU
AGU Misty smart humidifier helps maintain hydration of the skin, lips and nasal passages, thus improving the body's response to bacteria and potential allergens. A favorable indoor climate has a positive effect on a child's mood while awake, as well as on his / her health and healthy sleep both day ..
15,549.00 RSD
Brand: AGU
AGU The 5 in 1 food preparation appliance is an excellent device for preparing healthy food to everyone's taste. It combines 5 functions - sterilization, heating baby food, maintaining food temperature, blending and steam cooking. AGU The 5-in-1 food preparation appliance is practical and compact. A..
20,862.00 RSD
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