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M&V Pharm srb doo is a new company on the market of the Republic of Serbia in the field of pharmacy, founded in 2013. M&V Pharm srb doo is basically dedicated to improving and preserving the quality of life and health of both the individual and the social whole. It is engaged in the import and distribution of dietary products. It was created as a result of many years of professional work and market monitoring in the field of OTC programs, which resulted in the emergence of products that will be a parameter of quality and efficiency for all other competing products. The condition for us to appear on our market was to go one step ahead of others, and thanks to our employees, we succeeded.

Taking care of your health is a part of us

We believe in the success of our business project, the knowledge and experience we have are focused on setting new standards in maintaining health, because it is no longer just a necessary need but becomes a real challenge for the individual and for the entire human community. Technology in pharmacy and possibilities in medicine are increasing every day, but at the same time health care is becoming more expensive, and thus inaccessible to the widest circle of people. For these reasons, our team takes care to make the highest quality products available to every individual.

Brand: M&V PHARM
COLAFIT KOCKICE - 2016 - Ligaments and sprains..
2,779.00 RSD
Brand: M&V PHARM
Ferticure is a dietary product specially formulated to regulate the problem of polycystic ovary syndrome and insulin resistance.Ferticure contains Mio-inositol 2000 mg, D-chiro-inositol 50 mg, vitamin E 60 mg and fourth generation folic acid (Quatrefolic) 400 mg.It contains the active form of folic ..
4,416.00 RSD
Brand: M&V PHARM
FLOGEDIR FORTE is a dietary supplement used for inflammation and swelling in severe, traumatic, post-surgical conditions, osteoarticular, urogenital, respiratory and dental inflammatory processes.The active components are:Poretexil, an enzyme complex of proteases, the specific catalytic activity..
1,799.00 RSD
Brand: M&V PHARM
HYALFIT ZAGREVAJUĆI GEL 120ml - 2016 - Rheumatism and convulsions..
1,099.00 RSD
Brand: M&V PHARM
IMMUNE PROTECTIMUNO PROTECT is specially formulated to provide all the favorable and useful principles of zinc, vitamin D3 and vitamin C in one capsule. Ideal support for the immune system throughout the year. Especially in periods of increased incidence of viral infections and in the fight against..
1,669.00 RSD
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