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Dry cough and hoarseness

Dry cough and hoarseness
Special offer lasts while stocks last.The great advantage of HERBIKO syrup is what can be applied with a dry cough for his calm, and the cough that accompanies the secretions for his razređivanje and easier to cough up. Special manufacturing process enabled this double effect and makismalan effect..
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Quick help with inflammation of the throat, tonsils and mouth! In the autumn and winter period, the mucous membrane of the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat and mouth) is the most susceptible to inflammation (viral or bacterial) and manifests the redness, suvoćom, pain when swallowing, ka&scaro..
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BRONCAMIL syrup-natural help for the good condition of the respiratory tract.Coughing is a natural reflex defense to remove secretions and foreign bodies and one of the most common symptoms for which the children occur at a doctor's appointment.  This reflex can be very tedious and exh..
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APIMED TUSIK SIRUP - 25783203 - Dry cough and hoarseness..
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INTUSIN POWDER Product description: Your friend in the fight against cough. Intusin looks at dry cough and productive by razređuje bronchial secretion and helps his elimination from pneumonia with produktinog cough, while it also looks favorably on relaxing the smooth muscles of the respiratory..
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ABOPHARMA ULITUSSugar supplement, Gluten freeULITUSS is an anti-cough balm, based on the extract of snails and the Grindelia plant, useful for preserving the functions of the upper respiratory tract, the oropharyngeal mucosa and the tone of the voice due to its soothing and soothing effect; the pres..
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 TASTY SOLUTION AGAINST COUGH In our humid and changing climate, it is wise to ensure good resistance of the organism and free breathing. To achieve this, it is important to protect yourself from external particles (such as smoke and dust), with the defensive role of mucus in the mouth, thr..
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 With Alpenkraft® syrup, cough is no longer a problem. This syrup helps soothe coughs and hoarseness that occur with sore throats and colds. Alpenkraft syrup is a dietary supplement with plant extracts and distillates, honey and barley malt. It contains thyme, linden, anise and fennel, which co..
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Altal syrup combines plant species that their common influence they ease the irritated respiratory and sluzokožu and soothe dry cough followed by promuklošću and peckanjem in my throat. Slime marshmallows and black line on sluzokožu pneumonia and in this way reduce the irritation cough. Basil..
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The combination of slime and root list marshmallows and tincture of Calendula blossom allows local action syrup, like help with dry, neprodukivnog. By lining the mucous membranes pharynx reduces her irritation and irritation of coughing, and in addition works:     -an Immunomodu..
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Brand: FAMAR
Herbal formulas. Soothes dry and exhausting cough. Reduces the irritation cough.PROPERTIES AND ACTIONS: BRONHOKLIR ® line of syrups, herbal syrup for adults, is intended for easing problems related to cough and bronchitis of different origin. Syrups are the composition and concentration of ac..
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