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Abo Pharma’s mission always was creation and distribution of high quality, healthy products with care for people’s health.
Abo Pharma’s experience accumulated through the years and good personal contacts are the foundation of our successful business. Abo Pharma export high quality products in over 20 countries all over the world.. From 1999 ABO Pharma headquarter is near Trier /North part of Germany, near the French border).
Abo Pharma cooperate with other certified producers of food supplements in EU /Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Ploand/ in order to deliver the best products for our customers.
Since 2000 Technocom Trade is official importer of Abo Pharma products in Bulgaria.
The company begins with the well-respected in the medical sphere Austrian company TECOM Analytical Systems, who delivers medical devices and consumables for hospitals in Bulgaria in the `80.
“We take care for your health” it’s not only a slogan but our mission!
Behind the creation and distribution of high-quality products stands a team of professionals with care for customer’s health.
ABOPHARMA A BIZ Z TABLETEDietary supplementWe often miss meals in everyday stress. That is why we need an additional intake of vitamins that will increase our tone and strengthen our immune system. Vitamin A bis Z, day by day, supplies our bodyWith 27 vitamins, minerals and trace elements.Product pu..
580.00 RSD 717.00 RSD
ABOPHARMA ABOCELUX 30 CAPSULESComplex with vitamin C and zincVitamin C + Zn (zinc) are important elements that contribute to the normal function of the immune system, protect cells from oxidative stress, and reduce the feeling of fatigue and weakness. They contribute to the normal function of bones,..
579.00 RSD 644.00 RSD
Gluten and lactose free dietary supplementAboFlora 10 contributes to maintaining the balance of the gastrointestinal flora. The presence of FOS contributes to the proper gastrointestinal flora as well as the proper development and activity of lactic acid bacteria.Product purpose:The product of Abofl..
723.00 RSD 804.00 RSD
ABOPHARMA ABOFLORA 7 6 BAGComplex with 7 billion beneficial bacteria and vitamin B for the digestive tract, 7 sachetsAboflora 7, a powder for oral use, is a dietary supplement with 7 billion beneficial bacteria, fructooligosaccharides and vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12, intended for the digestive tract..
761.00 RSD 846.00 RSD
ABOPHARMA ABOFLORA 7 7 AMPULAComplex with 7 billion beneficial bacteria and vitamin B for the digestive tract, 7 ampoulesAboflora 7, a solution for oral use, is a dietary supplement with 7 billion beneficial bacteria, fructooligosaccharides and vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12, intended for the digestive..
1,003.00 RSD 1,115.00 RSD
ABOPHARMA ABOFLORA 8 6 BAGComplex with 8 billion beneficial bacteria and inulin for the digestive tract, 6 sachetsSynbiotics 6 bags for direct consumption Purpose: Flora 8 bags for direct consumption are a dietary supplement with probiotics and prebiotics that favor the balance of intestinal flora. ..
747.00 RSD 831.00 RSD
ABOPHARMA ABOPHOLIC META TABLETEDietary supplementABOPHOLIC META is absorbed faster and reaches the required levels almost immediately. The conversion of folic acid to L-methylfolate is a complex and multilayered process. It cannot be determined in 12% of the population due to damage to genetic enzy..
477.00 RSD 530.00 RSD
ABOPHARMA ABORUHE CAPSULESDietary supplementABO-RUHE is a natural sleeping combination that contains (100 mg), hop cone extract (30 mg) and L-theanine (100 mg), magnesium (50 mg), vitamin B6 (1 mg), optimal ratio of valerian root extract ( 100 mg). It helps increase the activity of alpha waves, whic..
844.00 RSD 938.00 RSD
ABOPHARMA ABOVISION SOFT GEL CAPSULESDietary supplement, Contains Lutien and zeaxanthinAbovison is a special formula for excellent eyesight. In order to maintain normal vision, our body needs lutein and zexanthin. Blueberry ranks first among foods that are good for the eyes. These are two natural ca..
660.00 RSD 734.00 RSD
ABOPHARMA IMMUNOCOL LIQUID COLOSTRUMDietary supplementImmunocol Perfect gives the baby all the necessary ingredients to help build immunity. It is a product obtained by deep-frozen cold treatment, and compared to the product of dry processing, it is approximately 30% close to all indicators of a tru..
1,406.00 RSD 1,563.00 RSD
Immunohealth Kids, a solution for oral useDietary supplementImmunohealth Kids, a solution for oral use, contains lactoferrin obtained from beef milk and beta-glucan from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, called inositol, a natural vitamin C from acerola fruit, intended for immunity.Product purpose..
1,609.00 RSD 1,788.00 RSD
ABOPHARMA IMUNOCOL ProBio COLOSTRUM + PROBIOTICS, Suitable for vegan dietDietary supplementImmunocol ProBio contains cow colostrum powder and specially developed microcapsules of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium Longum cultures, thus providing billions of living organisms without specia..
681.00 RSD 757.00 RSD
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