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Yesterday, we started working back in 1992. In the beginning, it was a small family business that grew and grew with its partners over the years.
Today, Medico Pharm Service has managed to find its place in the market in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina as a wholesaler that has always had an answer to the specific market demands in which it is present in its modern centers in Belgrade, Bijeljina and Bijelo Polje.
As one of the few companies in this business, it remained in 100% family ownership, which is another proof of the stability of the business and good management of the company.
Medico Pharm Service is a company that specializes in representing foreign companies in the markets in which it is present, where it has been trusted so far by a large number of European and global companies.
Tomorrow, the goal of our company is regional expansion into the market of the Balkan countries and the formation of its own production capacities that will be in accordance with the highest European and world norms and quality standards. And as before, Medico Pharm Service remains to grow together with its partners.
FADE OUT ADVANCED NIGHT CREAMNight cream to even out the complexionSoothing and nourishing cream of advanced formulation, enriched with vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acids with clinically proven active ingredients that regulate irregularities and even out skin tone in just 4 weeks of use...
1,767.00 RSD
 TASTY SOLUTION AGAINST COUGH In our humid and changing climate, it is wise to ensure good resistance of the organism and free breathing. To achieve this, it is important to protect yourself from external particles (such as smoke and dust), with the defensive role of mucus in the mouth, thr..
266.00 RSD
 With Alpenkraft® syrup, cough is no longer a problem. This syrup helps soothe coughs and hoarseness that occur with sore throats and colds. Alpenkraft syrup is a dietary supplement with plant extracts and distillates, honey and barley malt. It contains thyme, linden, anise and fennel, which co..
1,087.00 RSD
A natural source of potassium Potassium contributes to the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular systems and the maintenance of normal blood pressure. Composition: Aronia juice 73% Milk fermented beet juice 27% * Not from concentrate. From organically controlled soil. Chokeberry..
950.00 RSD
The characteristic delicious mix of seven dark herbal ingredients helps to raise everyday life harmony.Kraftvolle 7, the fruit juice of the fruit combination, is the strongest juice from this producer.Composition:Aronia juice 23% Pomegranate juice 25% Black mulberry juice 24% ..
1,147.00 RSD
Composition:Aronia juice 69% American cranberry juice (Vaccinium macrocarpon) 19%Cranberry juice (Vaccinium oxycoccus) 12%Not from concentrate. From organically controlled soil.The mixture of chokeberry and cranberry fruit juices offers an extraordinary taste. In the rati..
1,195.00 RSD
First aid in the treatment of both newly formed scars and old hypertrophic scars and keloids caused by:Recent surgical interventions; Injury with sutures; Complication after aesthetic procedures: peeling, laser ... Influence of external factors (scratches, cuts, burns ...)..
1,075.00 RSD
 Hydra-Soothing fluid, a non-greasy moisturizing milk, repairs and nourishes skin with shea butter and apricot kernel oilEnriched with antioxidants, this daily vitamin cream encourages the improvement of your natural glow. The formulation contains active natural ingredients and essenti..
1,930.00 RSD
 FADE OUT ADVANCED DAY CREAMDay cream for smoothing the complexion with SPF25 factorSoothing day cream with advanced formulation, with clinically proven natural active ingredients that whiten skin tone in just 4 weeks of use. SPF 25 and UVA / UVB filters protect the skin from the h..
1,767.00 RSD
 They help maintain healthy iron levels- Floradix tablets are a dietary supplement based on iron and vitamins from plant extracts, intended for children over 12 years and adults, in cases of increased blood loss or when there is an increased need for iron such as mild forms of anemia, ..
1,267.00 RSD
Aperitif and digestive aidFloradix Gallexier is a dietary product based on artichoke and other bitter herbs, which helps to solve gastric problems (gas problems, bloating, indigestion and discomfort after overeating), increases appetite and reduces digestion.Floradix Gallexier cont..
1,240.00 RSD
 ICE POWER gel with cooling effect 3kgActive ingredients: eucalyptus essential oil, menthol and ethanol.Suitable for use with:Pain in the neck and shoulders; Headaches caused by muscle tension; Back muscle pain; Pain associated with accelerated development of chil..
8,350.00 RSD
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