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Probotanic portfolio consists of products of the highest quality, created as a result of continuous development, maintaining the highest world standards, and the commitment of a professional team.
Essential oils, as a special set of products, are of premium quality. All plants in Probotanic products are carefully selected, sorted, dried and processed on the most modern machines, in order to obtain essential and fatty oils of the best quality. The special attention of the company is focused on the quality of the product, which is always in the first place, without compromise when choosing raw materials and their processing.
Part of the product line is of organic origin, and has the relevant attestations and certificates.
The company's mission is to offer products that can help people solve various health problems. Probotanic products, as an alternative treatment, help maintain good health and healthy living habits.
The key values ​​of the company and the brand are: quality, commitment, trust and availability.
Responsible business involves the application of the highest standards and certificates, which instill confidence in partners in the healthcare system, suppliers, consumers and potential associates.
Probotanic products are manufactured and / or processed according to strict HACCP criteria, ISO 9001 standards and conditions of organic production, which is a confirmation of their highest quality.
The company meets the following standards:
ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
Organic Producer / processor according to the regulations of Serbia, EU and USA
Most Probotanic products are HALAL certified, which confirms that the products are manufactured and treated according to the rules of HALAL certification, ie according to the rules of the Muslim religious community.
FENELA PROBOTANIC OIL Product description:Oil intended for women because it encourages the creation of estrogen.Regulates menstruation, PMS, balances hormones, women skinny naturally.Action:Especially recommended for women Encourages the creation of estrogen and balances hormones Relieves s..
1,699.00 RSD
PROBOTANIC APRICOT KERNEL OIL Product description:Medically, this oil has been in use against asthma symptoms and as a prevention of tumors. Antiupalne benefits oil apricot kernel can be used for treating serious skin problems such as eczema, dermatitis and acne.Action:Nourishes hair One of th..
1,599.00 RSD
PROBOTANIC BLACK CUMIN OIL, 250 ml OPSI products:This wondrous plant that's even Muhammed said that heals all but died today at its full implementation. Used since ancient times for medicinal purposes and as a dietary supplement.Action:Restores damaged cells caused by chemotherapy of 50-82..
2,550.00 RSD
PROBOTANIC FLORRUM CAPSULES Product description:Florrum is used for prevention and support in overcoming its problems with the appearance of harmful microorganisms in the body. Florrum maintains the health of the urinary organs, digestive and respiratory systems.Action:  According to numero..
720.00 RSD
PROBOTANIC OIL KERNEL GROZĐA Product description: Today grape seed oil has a great application in the cosmetic industry. Has a feature that can tighten the skin and so can be used for the purposes of toning. Can be used in the treatment of acne and many other skin problems. Grape seed oil is an impo..
1,350.00 RSD
PROBOTANIC OIL OF CLOVE Product description:  Records on the use of clove says that in ancient China used to mask bad breath. These records date back to the Han dynasty. Cloves are also used for centuries in traditional medicine (ajurvedi) in India.Action:Help against premature ejaculatio..
1,490.00 RSD
PROBOTANIC OIL of WILD OREGANO, 10 ml Product description:Probotanic Oregano oil is made from varieties Origanum minutiflorum, endemic plants, which grow only in the Taurus Mountains in southern parts of Turkey. This type contains the highest percentage of active substances carvacrol.Action:&nbs..
2,245.00 RSD
PROBOTANIC OIL SEEDS OF WILD CARROTS Product description:Best natural liver detoxifier. Removes toxins from the body. Against anorexia and jaundice.Action:Helps in detoxification and purification of the liver and digestive system Helps to combat jaundice Removes toxins like uric acid, urea, in..
2,199.00 RSD
PROBOTANIC OIL, WILD SAGE, 20 ml Product description:Solving the depression, nervousness, anxiety State. Free yourself from stress and deep tensions with wild Sage essential oil.Action:Resolves the problem of depression, nervousness, post-natal depression, anxiety State Improves mood,..
1,699.00 RSD
PROBOTANIC OREGANO TEA OPSI products:Probotanic Oregano tea obtained by drying the surface parts plants wild oregano. Has a very nice and strong smell.Action:  Oregano tea is used to mitigate the problems with respiratory disorders (cough and bronchitis), urinary tract infections (Escherich..
599.00 RSD
PROBOTANIC ORIGANOL STRONG CAPSULES  Product description:Origanol Strong is meant for all those hard to tolerate drinking oil of wild oregano.Action:  According to numerous studies, the main antibakteriski and the active ingredient of oregano is carvacrol. The higher the percentage of ..
2,199.00 RSD
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