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Before use, carefully read this manual.

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If you have any further questions, please contact your physician or to the pharmacist.

HYLO-CARE ® Eye Drops
Sodium hyaluronate and dekspantenol
Eye drops, for moistening and care the surface of the eye.

What is HYLO-CARE ®?
HYLO-CARE ® is a sterile saline without preservatives containing 1 mg/ml sodium-hijaluronata, dekspantenol, citratni buffer and water.
These drops are free of phosphate and preservatives.

For what purpose is used HYLO-CARE ®?
For better hydration, refreshment and care the surface of the eye.

When to use HYLO-CARE ®?
To the outer tissue-subjunctive and of other healthy, it is necessary to keep them moist. Just so the eye can function correctly and to avoid problems. If you are staying in a dry or an air-conditioned environment, if you are exposed to the influence of the wind, the Sun or at the end of a long working day your eyes will you hurt, itch, being tired and dry and this may be a sign that lubrication of your eyes is not enough. In this case, your eyes need to provide intense moisture, so what are you going to inflict HYLO-CARE ® and so restore the skin's natural moisture balance.

HYLO-CARE ® contains the natrijumovu salt of hyaluronic acid which is a physiological substance eye but also other parts of the body. Sodium hyaluronate has a special property that forms a regular and long-lasting lubrikacioni film on the surface of the eye that does not evaporate quickly. This prolongs its effect of wetting without obstructing vision. For this reason the HYLO-CARE ® can be used without problems during the day and then fats for your eyes should not be used because their oily consistency leads to blurred vision. In addition HYLO-CARE ® contains dekspantenol which belongs to the large group of B vitamins. Thanks to this component meets the need for the intensive regeneration, which helps and lubrikacionim properties of sodium-hijaluronata.

HYLO-CARE ® brings immediate relief to irritated eyes and maintains freshness and health of the eyes.

How should you apply HYLO-CARE ®?
-before you use remove the CAP
-before applying the flip top vials HYLO-CARE ® down and press the bottom of the vial until the pipette a drop appears. Now the bottle is ready for further use. Hold the vial upside down and facing a strong and quickly press the bottom of the bottle. This will activate the mechanism for ispuštanie one drop. Because of the special system COMOD ® valves, size and speed of each drops will be the same regardless of the applied pressure
-Slightly tilt your head back, pull the lower eyelid and add one drop to the lower part of the eye. Gently close the eyes to allow you to evenly distribute the liquid on the surface of the eye
-Return the CAP immediately after use. Please make sure that the tip of the eyedropper be dry. When applying these liquids please avoid contact top of the vial with your eye or skin

COMOD ®-System frees up 10 ml saline, which corresponds to approximately 300 drops. For technical reasons, a small amount of the solution remains in the bottle on the end use.
One vial HYLO-CARE ® to treat one person.

What else should you know?
-If you are using any other eye drops should be left to pass for at least 30 minutes between the two applications and HYLO-CARE ® should always be used at the end. Ointment for the eyes always should be applied after using the HYLO-CARE ® eye drops
-as it does not contain a preservative, HYLO-CARE ® is well tolerated even when used for a long period of time. In very rare cases recorded the reactions of hypersensitivity such as baking or excessive tearing which cease upon termination of application HYLO-CARE ®. HYLO-CARE ® can be used while wearing hard or soft contact lenses.

How often and how long you can use HYLO-CARE ®?
-HYLO-CARE ® should be used in accordance with your instructions and disruptions to your doctor or pharmacist. Generally you need to ukapate one drop HYLO-CARE ® three times a day in both eyes. If necessary it can be used more often
-If you are using the HYLO-CARE ® more often (for example, more than 10 times a day), please consult with your oftalmologom. HYLO-CARE ® is suitable for long-term treatment. As is the case with all other problems, if problems exist we should consult with their oftalmologom

When you don't need to use the HYLO-CARE ®?
HYLO-CARE ® should not be used if you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients.

What you should know about saving HYLO-CARE ®?
-Keep out of reach of children.
-store up to 25 ° c.
-HYLO-CARE ® can be used for 12 weeks after the opening.
-do not use after the expiry of the duration of which is imprinted on the box.

PACK: 10 ml

Way of publishing:
This medical asset is issued without a prescription in specialized shops.

IndustriestraRe, 66129 SaarbrUcken, Germany

The carrier permits:
Unifarm medicom driver
Cara Dušana 264.11080 Zemun, Serbia
Solution no. 1:04-785/09 15. in October of 2009.

Before using a detailed study guide. About indications, precautions and adverse reactions to medication-advice from a doctor or pharmacist.

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