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Terranova is a unique British brand of supplements that offers active forms of the highest quality nutrients that replace harmful excipients, additives, with its own mixture of natural organic herbs and superfoods that we call the Magnifood complex.
Responsible self-healing should first represent a balanced and varied diet that consists mostly of: vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthier grains, primarily of organic origin. What follows is a critical choice of dietary supplements and the judicious use of herbs. We know that sometimes, for various reasons, it is impossible to replace all nutrients with just a simple intake of food in larger quantities.
Increased needs for micronutrients occur in a monotonous, unbalanced diet, in people under stress, in people engaged in physical activity, in pregnancy, in chronic patients (eg diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, cancer), in acute conditions that are associated with seasons and lifestyles (e.g., viruses, allergies, smoking) and at different periods of life (the elderly, children, and adolescents during periods of intense growth and development).
All of Terrano’s dietary supplements are based on a holistic approach and evidence-based science. In addition, they represent a new paradigm in the development of dietary supplements.
TERRANOVA ZINC CAPSULES Product description:This important mineral is found in all living tissues. Zinc activated over 200 enzymes in the body and bisglicinatni shape allows maximum apsorbciju. To it negatively affects phytic acid in grains, oxalic acid (spinach, chocolate, tea) and calcium (da..
1,440.00 RSD
TERRANOVA ANTIOXIDANT NUTRIENT COMPLEXAntioxidants are important health factors, and some studies show that they can be effective in preventing the development of some types of cancer and heart disease.This wonderful supplement is enhanced with a unique synergistic complex of enzymatically active co..
2,497.00 RSD
TERRANOVA ASTAKSANTIN COMPLEXThis, increasingly popular today, carotenoid has many scientifically proven positive effects on health, especially when it comes to nervous system health, eye health, cardiovascular prevention, inflammation reduction and quick recovery after intense physical activity. A..
3,042.00 RSD
TERRANOVA B-COMPLEX WITH VITAMIN C CAPSULES Product description:Siberian Ginseng Sen, Indian ginseng root XING (ašvaganda) and rodiola rosea fall into traditional Russian and eastern medicine that are thousands of years old recommended for mental and physical effort, recovery, improve me..
1,828.00 RSD
TERRANOVA B12 500MCG CAPSULESProduct description:Just stabilized pirinčane bran-represent a rich source of B vitamins and other nutrients-affects the apsorbciju of zinc, magnesium, potassium and iron, which are almost stress first came under fire. Leaf parsley, dandelion and red beets a..
1,988.00 RSD
TERRANOVA BEAUTY COMPLEX CAPSULESProduct description:Man is always trying to make it look nice and nurturing and to prolong youth as much as possible. Terranovin beauty complex with added herbs and superhranom, contains all the essential nutrients and ingredients, which encourage the restora..
2,173.00 RSD
TERRANOVA BETA CAROTENE COMPLEX-Protects your eyes-Protects the skin from UV radiation and sun allergies-Contributes to protection in atherosclerosisContains natural beta carotene from D. Salina algae• Contains other algae carotenes such as alpha carotene, gamma carotene, zeaxanthin and cryptoxanthi..
2,685.00 RSD
TERRANOVA CALCIUM MAGNESIUM 2: 1 COMPLEXTerranova Ca Mg 2: 1 Complex contains the optimal combination of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D, necessary for strong and healthy bones, strength and muscle contraction, as well as the normal functioning of the nervous system. The use of this preparation com..
1,460.00 RSD
TERRANOVA CHROME 200IUChromium is an important mineral that is often neglected even though it is 4-6 mg in the body. It is important for proper carbohydrate metabolism and stimulates insulin activity. Studies show that it can affect the regulation of blood glucose (glycosylated hemoglobin - HbA1C) i..
1,594.00 RSD
TERRANOVA CO Q10 100mgCoQ10 participates in the process of converting food into energy and is extremely important for proper metabolism. Reduces muscle pain in patients on statin therapy. A study of 50 patients on statin therapy proved that the use of CoQ10, at a dose of 100 mg continuously for 30 d..
4,436.00 RSD
TERRANOVA COENZYME Q10 CAPSULES Product description:ASAI berries and fruit-rich fruits are natural koenzimom Q10, omega 7 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E and C and flavonoids. Only their mutual interaction ensures an efficient increase of energy and defence against oxidative stress. 40% dr..
2,498.00 RSD
TERRANOVA COQ10 MAGNESIUM HAWTHORN COMPLEXThis complex has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, reduces cholesterol levels and increases energy levels in the body.Note: Use in patients on cardiotonic glycosides as well as drugs from the group of beta blockers and antiarrhythmics is cont..
2,146.00 RSD
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