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From idea to realization
It is a well-known fact that Fidel Castro was a great lover of plants and animals, and a supporter of natural or traditional medicine and the use of medicinal herbs in the treatment of various diseases. He owned a farm where he grew many plants, researched their effects and discovered the benefits that an individual can get by using them. During his life, he conducted a large number of researches that had the ultimate goal of replacing synthetic drugs with products from nature. Thus, in accordance with his beliefs, the Commander-in-Chief in 1991 decided to launch a program in Cuba that includes the scientific use of known medicinal plants, but also their development in the advanced pharmaceutical industry and thus further provided wind in the development and further application of natural medicine. in therapies.
Due to the political and economic isolation in which Cuba has been for 60 years, it was not possible to report the supplements from the country. Although the idea was conceived in Cuba, together with the recipe of the supplements themselves, the realization of the project had to be approached in Serbia. Thus, in 2015, Cuban-Serbian cooperation was created, which began with the analysis of all supplements from the categories of nutritional supplements, antioxidants and immunostimulants, which are already in use in Cuba and show excellent results in practice. Supplements not produced in Cuba were also used in the analysis. Guided by the experience of doctors in Cuba and the results in practice, the algae spirulina with chlorella and the plants moringa and anamu stood out as the best and most compatible in their categories. In this way, a superior immunostimulant was created, which consists of exclusively natural and mutually compatible plants that bring with them significant health benefits.
In the sea of ​​information that they "bombard" us every day over the Internet about diet and suggestions related to the benefits of a particular product, manufacturers put us in a confusing situation that we do not know what to use, what is really scientifically proven and what is the result of a marketing campaign . Our idea is to eliminate this dilemma about the right choice by presenting the best plants with the greatest benefits to the immune system, proven by scientific research and results in practice. The initiative of the company Consulta al Futuro was supported by the SMC (Servisios Medicos y Academicos de Cuba), with which it has signed a contract with the CNIC (Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cientificas). A Cuban team of experts from various specializations (pharmacist, nutritionist, oncologist, radiologist, general practitioner) gathered to help with the realization of this project with their experience in practice and scientific research. As its gratitude for the realization of the project, whose working name was "Proyecto De Inmunocomplejo Superior", "Consulta al futuro" awarded letters of thanks for the help and support provided. See the diplomas at the bottom of the Doctors' Team page.
A major challenge for Cuban scientists in researching and defining the best medicinal plants was that it has a significant number of plants that contain substances that positively affect the immune system. Some of them contain a minimal dose of active substances to strengthen immunity, but many more other active components and therefore are discarded because they do not achieve great effects on strengthening the immune system during consumption. On the other hand, we have a large number of plants that are strong immunostimulants. It is practically impossible to make an assessment of which of them is the best because each of them has a different mechanism and way of activating the immune system precisely because of different active substances, so that the mechanism of action on the cell and thus on the immune system is different. The first selection of plants with the strongest immune system activation system was made and the selection of those that in joint use give the best results in practice, ie with which the most efficient response of the immune system is achieved, was approached. It was soon concluded, due to the different mechanism of action on the immune system, that a combination of plants that are compatible must be approached in order to avoid unwanted contraindications of active substances in plants that can react with each other and thus lead to toxin toxicity and side effects. analysis of active substances in all the strongest immunostimulating plants and the results of their application in practice came to the conclusion that these are the medicinal plants Anamu and Moringa and the algae Spirulina and Chlorella. Their active substances are compatible and different mechanisms of action on the immune system of the cell in synergy give the best results to patients with impaired immune system function. You can read about it by clicking HERE). Since the health system in Cuba is free, this combination of supplements for foreigners is available to oncology patients at the International Hospital La Pradera, where gives in the framework of regular therapy.
DR CUBANO- PVA PLUSPVA plus contains exclusively pure powder of the miraculous plant anamu. It is a natural source of biologically active ingredients important for supplementing the diet and improving the general health of oncology and other patients, as well as healthy people and athletes.Although..
2,699.00 RSD
DR CUBANO- CUBAN ELIXIRThe Cuban elixir is a multi-purpose preparation formulated for the needs of strengthening the defense ability and support in the fight against diseases of oncology and other patients, as well as for the needs of strengthening the immune system of healthy people and athletes.T..
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DR CUBANO- PVM PLUS PVM plus is a dietary supplement of natural origin that contains 250 mg of Moringa seeds and 250 mg of Moringa leaves, made at the pharmaceutical level of quality, a capsule shape that facilitates its use, guaranteeing the quality, safety and efficiency required. PVM Plus ..
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DR CUBANO- PVS PLUS PVS plus is a dietary supplement of natural origin consisting of algae Spirulina and Chlorella (in the ratio of 80%: 20%), made in pharmaceutical grade quality, where the capsule, in a dose of 500 mg, is a form that facilitates its use, guaranteeing quality , the safety and..
1,799.00 RSD
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