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We are one of the oldest chemical-pharmaceutical companies in Germany who developed the industrial-scale column chromatographic separation of amino acids. This early specialization enabled us in our very fist year of business (1955) to provide the food and pharmaceutical industries in Europe with high-purity active ingredients.
The close relationship between chemistry and pharmacy soon led to the decision to manufacture finished medicinal products in addition to pharmaceutical raw materials. In the 1960s and ’70s we operated as a successful contract manufacturer for numerous pharmaceutical companies.
Since about 1980, we have been marketing pharmaceutical and medical products to medical and healthcare professionals via a network of highly qualified representatives.
The close and very successful cooperative work that we have enjoyed with foreign partners in the chemical industry is behind our present plans to significantly expand our activities in the development of chemical and pharmaceutically active agents.

Trenutno nema u nabavci
Isotonic saline spray up your nose. Serves to clean and moisten the mucous membrane of the nose (e.g. dry air), for additional treatment with zapušenog nose (e.g. colds).Ingredients: 0.9% solution of sodium chloride, a laundry water does not contain minor ingredients and preservatives ..
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