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We are experts in the field of human health.
Our Mission
We believe personalized, scientific wellness can extend the duration of one's health span and create happier and healthier lives.
Our ambition is to empower our customers to improve and extend their health span through testing, teaching, and transforming health, so they can prevent adverse chronic health conditions before they begin.
As people seek new ways to optimize health and fuel their personal resiliency, Thorne is here to help them achieve their goals.
From health tests powered by the proprietary, multi-omic Onegvity Health Intelligence platform, to advanced nutritional formulas, Thorne can redefine what it means to live healthy.
EFFECT: Nutri-Mag prevents the formation of calcium oxalate crystals and growth and calcium phosphate, which account for the most common form of stones in the kidneys and mokrćnim channels. Magnesium prevents aggregation (slepljivanje) calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate crystal growth. 70% of c..
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