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Slaviamed d.o.o. is a company for the production and sale of pharmaceutical products for human use.
Slaviamed d.o.o. was founded in 1993 and today has 75 employees. During 2007, the construction was completed and the plant for the production of medicines in Sremska Mitrovica was put into operation, and in 2008, the laboratory for quality control.
The production of pharmaceutical products takes place in a modernly equipped production plant. Slaviamed has a GMP certificate issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, which confirms that the production and quality control of medicines in Slaviamed are in accordance with the Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practice.
Slaviamed's business policy is based on careful selection of the production program, ensuring the quality of medicines, regular supply of the market, gradual and sustainable growth of the company, as well as maintaining favorable working conditions for employees.
The professionalism and expertise of the management and employees of Slaviamed, 20 years of experience, modern production and product quality are the basis for strengthening trust and responsibility towards patients, customers, employees, partners and the community in which we live and work.
VITAMIN D3 IMMUNO SLAVIAMED, 60 capsulesVITAMIN D3 Immuno Slaviamed is a product that contains vitamin D3, zinc and vitamin B12.Ingredients of the product in a unique combination: vitamin D, zinc and vitamin B12, due to the increased content and their characteristics make the product suitable for no..
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