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SHIRKO d.o.o. is a family business dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and natural cosmetics for half-decade in order to preserve health.
We have created our products with the selfless help of the doctor of science, the masters of pharmacy and the doctor of naturopathic medicine. We want to share our products with all of you who care and want to nourish your health in a natural way.
Some products have originated from everyday needs, as the expansion of our members brings new challenges.
The idea, mission and vision are reflected in the desire to leave something quality, healthy, with multiple applications, without dangerous contraindications to our children and we believe that we will make someone else happy and contribute to the betterment of his life and health.
DMSO-Dimetilsulfoksid Description 33% DMSO instruction manual Before first use, make sure to read this manual. Save the manual, you may want to read it again.Dimetilsulfoksid (DMSO) is a natural vodotopiva fluency. It is a colorless liquid, nesintetisana ekstrahovana and the resulting proc..
650.00 RSD
Many potential users of Epsom salts simply do not have the time to be banjaju in the bathtub or shower cabin and are deprived of amenities epsom bath, but can use Epsom Salt gel as a comfortable way for strong detoxification of the organism.After the radioactive radiation of body parts (fracture..
599.00 RSD
Instructions for using Epsom Salt: Epsom Salt bath is Proven to epsom bath reliably frees from stress. I can give in to cramps and pain caused by zapaljenjima. Nutrients are better absorbed in the presence of this important mineral. Do not use epsom Sona bath if you have hypotension (low blood pres..
580.00 RSD
Discount: 10%Special offer lasts while stocks last.Magnesium is a natural mineral that promotes health, there is no substitute for magnesium. Magnesium is less food aid due to the use of artificial manure and pesticides, destroys the natural composition of the land thus depriving us of essen..
480.00 RSD
OXSILVERProduct description:Sinergijsko action of oxygen and silver is more secure than using alcohol, chemicals or aldehydes and doesn't change the taste and appearance of the treated food. Oxsilver and fast detoksikuje fruits and vegetables, meat, nuts and places where they can be pathogen..
450.00 RSD
OXSILVER – OxićProduct description:Application: Multi-purpose product for disinfection of objects that come in contact with babies and small children. Suitable for age: 0 m +Method of application: Spray splash pacifier that is dropped and you will significantly reduce the risk of contami..
550.00 RSD
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