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Product Description


Product description:

Sinergijsko action of oxygen and silver is more secure than using
alcohol, chemicals or aldehydes and doesn't change the taste and appearance of the treated
Oxsilver and fast detoksikuje fruits and vegetables, meat, nuts and places where they can be pathogenic.
The cotton swab trees for that Oxsilver and treat your face if you have freckles, acne, pimples, eczema, fungus ...
You can apply it with bites of insects and ticks.
Oxsilver you can burst into the ear or nose and prevent inflammatory bowel condition.

Oxsilver is a substance made up of 3% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and ionized silver water Covalent. His safety when using puts at the top of natural resources to combat pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and even the host. Most babies immediately after birth is beginning to use H2O2 because breast milk and colostrum containing H2O2. Unfortunately, two-three decades of throwing that first, precious milk ... This was unreasonable when we know that one of its functions to activate and stimulation of the immune system. There are millions of people who needlessly suffer because they don't know about the perks of H2O2, or are incorrectly informed, or they offer products that have many contraindications. Hydrogen peroxide is broken down into water and oxygen. No harmful by-products. Of course, to follow the instructions on koncentrciji, the amount and manner of application. Hydrogen peroxide has and in the snow, kišnici, there's spit, found in fresh (nekuvanom) fruits and vegetables.
The food we use often is so contaminated that no help or prolonged submersion in water (chlorine effect), treating alcohol, aldehydes, liquid detergents or sl. Unfortunately, that kind of tretiranjima can significantly affect the structure, taste and safety food. As we've completely forgotten that there are means used two centuries ago, that is without equal in strength of disinfection and more importantly: is not toxic, not karcinogeno, no side products, has long-lasting effects of action, be broken down into water and oxygen. To treat food that is given to patients with severe disease is especially important to prevent possible occurrence of pathogens because the development of organisms and infections can significantly increase risk to harm the patient's healing and repair.
A number of analyses and studies it has been found that hydrogen peroxide together with ion silver work synergistically, has better performance and significantly increased the speed of operations on the treated objects if they are together in solution: hydrogen peroxide and joni silver. Foods and items often have on biofilms, i.e., colonies of the pathogen. If it seems just a silver water is hard to initiate the biofilma area (although it cover in nanometrima). There are shows strong synergy, hydrogen peroxide dissolve biofilm and then enter into scene joni silver. Significantly shortened the time containment of the risk-free to create undesirable byproducts.
Silver and hydrogen peroxide together have a significant germicidne performance even in low concentrations, and as such do not represent any danger to human health, according to the EEC, the who, USEPA.

Zeljasto vegetables, fruits, dried fruits, vegetables
We don't know what kind of hands someone touched the fruit or vegetables. We don't even know whether it is a rodent in these products. Water or detergent I can't detoksikovati biofilms pathogens. Products that we don't want heat to process can be risky to use. The use of alcohol, chemicals or aldehydes would change the taste and appearance of food. Mushrooms, dried fruit and nuts in particular can be contaminated various microorganisms.
After washing of the fruit or vegetable spray off them Oxsilverom and wait a few minutes before rinsing. If he lost the fresh vegetables (eg: salads) wash with water, apply Oxilverom and put in the fridge for half an hour. Active oxygen will detoksikovati microorganisms but will return with fresh salad.

Meat raw, steamed, dried
Meat lovers who don't want to risk it and enter in the body of some bacteria (e.g.: from Coca family) can use Oxsilver for treating the surface of meat suspected to be contaminated. It is known that antibiotics can't destroy about 10 percent of some pathogenic streptococci family, or thermal treatment cannot be reliable for some strains, but the effects of active oxygen in synergy with silver can inactivate them in about ten minutes. The taste of these foods would not be altered after treatment.

Naklijavanje seeds
Fans of healthy food when naklijavanja seeds perform rinsing seeds for several times. Every time good naprskati in water Oxsilver. So you offer seeds oxygen that facilitates the growth of the germ but are at the same time destroy the bacteria and fungi that can harm isklijavanju. In the water which are spraying seeds also prsnite 1-2 times Oxsilver, you will see the difference in the speed and quality of germination.

Treatment of acne, age pigment stains
Pleasantly will surprise you the speed with which you can clean your face or body. On a cotton swab and wipe trees for that Oxsilver by the region. Please be patient if you experience a burning sensation or razredite Oxsilver distilled water. After treatment do not immediately apply your favorite cream, wait for the film to dry natural isparenjem.

Hand hygiene and body
After washing your hands or body, if you need additional safe detoksikovanje, isprkajte hands or body region or tuferom Oxsilverom be cleaned, wipe the body. You can treat and scratches that are not deep. The same applies to biting insects, bees and ticks.

Warts, eczema, fungus on fingers leg
Oxsilver has been a very effective tool for these mentioned problems. Be persistent, after treatment wait for the solution to dry naturally.

Hygiene in the kitchen
Truleks, the subject that very often we use in the kitchen on the first day can be filled with bacteria and viruses. To remove pathogens, dry it and apply it to Oxsilverom. Truleks will start to Woods, creates bubbles and develops some heat. Oxygen has done his job with the help of silver. Oxsilverom you can splash cutlery, kitchen utensils, etc. Glass bowls and glass will shine after treatment Oxsilverom.

Hygiene in the bathroom
Toilet seat is similar to truleksu the risks from the presence of various micro-organisms, just as on a Board are at mikrofilmovima. Prevention works, can never be sprayed surface Oxsilverom and wipe with paper. Action Oxsilvera is strong and sinergijsko with silver. In particular, we emphasize the necessity of deploying applications if they are children.

Treatment of air conditioners
Air conditioning can be treated Oxsilverom when it is unplugged. His "lungs" can be full of microorganisms and can be a very nasty situation. Oxsilver has been a formidable fighter with a much larger penetration than competitive assets based on chlorine or similar chemicals.

Children's toys
Recommended is cleaned even packaged children's toys, about raspakovanim to and not talk. Keep in mind that there may be changes color if a toy has a fabric. The keyboard, the inside of the shoe, etc. can also be reduce litter.

Mold removal
The emergence of mold on the walls and objects is not for pocenjivanje. Respiratory organs cannot identify low concentrations of mold, individual colonies of mold have no odor and are often puzzled why allergies, shortness of breath, etc. Advantage Oxsilvera is what works quickly and thoroughly without masking scents. The application can immediately after airing out and stay in the room, no side effect on respiratory organs.

Oxidative therapies
Bath that you poured Oxilver have the effects of hyperbaric chambers and costs are much, much smaller. Increasing the overall state of health will contribute to and silver.
Oxygen can help the body in every way, and the mental and physical well-being and are immediately visible and applicable. It is recommended that you use these baths in the most serious diseases where the body needs oxygen in higher concentrations than normal.

Health and Oxsilver
Our body contains natural hydrogen peroxide, it's a fighter against infection and must be present in our immune system to function properly. White blood cells (leukocytes) and their sub-groups neutrophils produce hydrogen peroxide as a first line of defense against toxins, parasites, viruses and fungi.

Personal care mouth and teeth
A toothbrush with toothpaste, soaked in a little baking soda prsnite some subsequently Oxsilvera or prsnite in your mouth when brushing. In addition to copious effective foam your teeth will be whiter, flora in the mouth will be refreshed.

Oxsilver Deodorant
Soak a cotton swab Oxsilverom and treat the armpits. Unpleasant smell of sweat will disappear.

Glasses and Oxsilver
Glasses, Windows, storm Windows, glass, etc. will be easily cleaned Oxsilverom.

Inhalation Oxsilvera
Pour Oxsilver into a glass or into the radiator. Oxygen will slowly evaporate. In this way, you can significantly increase the concentration of oxygen in patients who were in the room in winter conditions.

Pets and Oxsilver
Kennel your pet can have the mites. Each linen treated and left to dry may destroy larval mites and other parasites. The same is true for carpets. There is a risk that changes color, so try it first on a hidden spot treatment. Oxsilverom you can destroy the mites directly on your pet.

Oxsilver contains:
Hydrogen peroxide 3% solution, PH. EUR 4 quality colloidal silver the purity of 99.99%
Oxsilver does not contain alcohols, smell, chlorine, aldehydes, detergents, Parabens, etc.
Oxsilver belongs to the highest category of ecological natural substances 100% bio-razgradivih, without any harmful byproducts.

Oxsilver keep away from children. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Oxsilver get the potential of about 10% per year because natural releases oxygen.

All articles in this publication are non-binding information intended for solely informing health and prosvećivanju, and does not replace medical diagnosis or treatment by Your licensed physician. We sincerely hope that the information with

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