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Production program
- hand wash paste
- liquid detergents (dish detergents, hand detergents for silk, wool and synthetics ...)
- household cleaners (for ovens, toilet bowls, ceramic tiles, glass ...)
- personal hygiene products (cream soaps, shampoos ...)
- disinfectants
- means for surface protection of metal surfaces
- penetration means for the detection of surface defects in non-destructive testing
- tobacco PE, PVC and PET packaging
Basic raw materials:
surfactants, organic solvents, inorganic acids, inorganic bases, fillers. PE and PVC granules for tobacco packaging
Main product placement markets:
consumer goods (household and personal consumption), food industry, metal processing industry, chemical industry, graphic industry, medicine and veterinary medicine
SERTIFIKOVAN QMS PREMA ISO 9001 I HACCP SISTEM                     Sredstvo za dezinfekciju ruku, radnih površina, radnog pribora, hladnjaka, rublja i instrumenata koji nisu medicinska sredstva. ASEPSSastav: 5% Benzalkonium ChlorideŠirok sp..
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