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AD "Menta" Padej was founded in 1978 with the aim of dealing with the production, processing and marketing of medicinal, spice and aromatic herbs in an organized manner.
The idea of ​​building capacities for processing medicinal plants comes from the knowledge that the Municipality of Coka has long been known for the production of medicinal and spice plants and has significant natural potential, primarily the existence of ecological conditions for growing these plants.
There is a growing interest in medicinal herbs and healing skills developed over the centuries by traditional folk medicine. High quality final products are obtained by industrial drying, processing, finishing, distillation and extraction of medicinal and spice plants.
 AD "Menta" Padej directed its production program towards the production of preparations from raw materials of natural origin. Using our products, you will gain new knowledge and many pleasant surprises, and we want you to discover this for yourself. Make our products an integral part of your daily life!
In addition to the constant control of raw materials and products in our microbiological, chemical and process laboratory, there is also a regular control of products in the Institute of Public Health Subotica. Production takes place at two locations.
This production is performed in two plants:
• Production processes in Padeja - where the administrative building and plants for production, processing and small packaging of medicinal herbs, teas are located
• Production processes in Choka - where there are plants for the production of traditional herbal medicines, cosmetics, hygiene products.
The production performed by AD "Menta" Padej and its product range with its quality fully meets the strict criteria set by the market, especially abroad. The company has certificates of quality management system SRPS ISO 9001: 2001, HACCP food safety and environmental management SRPS ISO 14001: 2005
EFFECT: This product efficiently removes corns, warts, calluses or hyperkeratosis.DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Lukewarm water and neutral SOAP to wash the area where corn, warts or Hyperkeratosis, and thereafter the area; the surrounding area of skin thoroughly dry. For corn, the nipple or Hyperkeratos..
440.00 RSD
Jomelop E ointment is specifically worded emulsion for external use, whose active component is composed of essential oils and extracts of medicinal herbs in a standardized quality. A very significant component of fitopreparata JOMELOP E is specially selected base, in whose composition is entering Vi..
1,012.00 RSD
Preventive effect on the formation of stretch marks, and has already caused stretch marks removed successfully.COMPOSITION: Cement water, olive oil, lanolin, pine cones extract, stearic acid, the smell of 0.2%, euxyl K 100 0.04%Before each use, strongly jumble.PACKAGING: 140 ml..
775.00 RSD
MINT body care emulsion enriched with nerafinisanim high-quality olive oil and beeswax. With success can be used for permanent care bodies. Thanks to its ideal hemiskom composition, food and facilitates skin regeneration bodies. Regular with this soothing means the skin becomes smooth and gentle. ..
845.00 RSD
Regular using MINT emulsion for face care reduces the depth of existing and slows down the formation of new wrinkles. Tan becomes a nice, fresh and has a youthful appearance.COMPOSITION: Cement water, olive oil, lanolin, stearic acid, the smell of 0.2%, euxyl K 100 0.04%.Before each use, st..
775.00 RSD
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