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The leading expert in Self-Care Medical Devices and Diagnostics
Medical Brands develops, patents, manufactures and delivers product concepts for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of everyday minor ailments.
We believe in breaking the rules. Conventional thinking limits the possibility of bringing innovative self-care solutions safely into the hands of users. The best treatment options don’t need to burden your body with harmful side effects.
All of our ingredients and products are based upon this fundamental principle and we are committed to developing next generation products that drive the change in the self-care industry.
Product Concepts
The best treatment options don't need to burden your body.
Our product concepts combine patent-protected Active Medical Ingredients™ and uniquely designed medical applicators. The primary development goal is to meet the user's needs for safety, efficacy, reliability and convenience.
When we were developing the first product concepts active ingredients for Self-Care Medical Devices were neither available, nor qualified. We took it upon ourselves to develop the first ever platform for ingredients standardized on physical mode of action.
With a team of in-house designers, we design and develop applicators tailor-made to each product. 
The first goal of each applicator is to to prove safe and effective application of the formulation. We then go beyond these basic requirements to target specific and relevant user benefits which add value to the end product and provide differentiation.

Wartner je oblik krioterapije, koji zamrzavanjem uklanja obične bradavice i bradavice na stopalu. Zasniva se na istoj tehnologiji zamrzavanja koju koriste lekari, ali oni kao sredstvo za zamrzavanje koriste tečni azot koji deluje na temperaturi od -196°C. Pomoću Wartner®-a krioterapija je do..
1,599.00 RSD
Wartner pencil is the new product brand for Wartner wart removal, both on the hands and feet. Innovative pen allows precise application of active gel, which contains trihlorsirćetnu acid, exclusively on the affected tissue, and leaving the surrounding skin intact. Has faster action, results are visi..
999.00 RSD
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