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The company "MACVAL D.O.O." Novi Sad-Choka, with a long tradition of production of medicinal and aromatic herbs, since 2001, at the request of a renowned buyer from Germany "Martin Bauer" from Vestenbergsgreuth, the largest buyer of medicinal and aromatic herbs in Europe and perhaps in the world, brought the decision to produce and purchase exclusively raw materials produced according to certain rules. The name Kontroliert Integrierte Anbau, abbreviated KIA, is used for this production. The company "Macval" produces medicinal and aromatic herbs on about 435 ha, of which about half is owned, about 100 ha is leased, and the rest is produced by subcontractors. This year, chamomile is produced on about 100 ha, on about 150 tame mint, on 30 lemon balm, 25 marshmallow, and on the remaining areas fennel. The company is run by Lazar Oluški, who is in charge of production and processing in Čoka, and his son Mirko Oluški, who performs commercial and all other jobs at the company's headquarters in Novi Sad. The company has 25 full-time employees, and additional help is taken during the season. Annual production depends on climatic conditions. Last year, about 80 tons of tame mint and about 30 tons of chamomile were sold in the country. About 240 tons of mint and about 100 tons of chamomile were exported. Other goods produced about 120 tons, of which more than 80% went for export.
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