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Dynamic is a dietary supplement that contributes to sexual function in terms of maintaining high-quality erections, longer duration of sexual relationships and a stronger libido.
Dynamic capsule affect:

increase sexual desire
the easier to achieve and maintain an erection
the extension of the duration of sexual intercourse
increase energy
It is normally used to increase quality of sekusalne functions. However, a large number of men using them during physical activities when they need extra energy, so, during recreational activities or mental effort, learning ... Dynamic capsules are often used and when you just want to feel good and expect a great time, when going out in the evening.

Dynamic capsule "raise" complete psychophysical status:

positively affect mood
stimulates the immune system
they give a feeling of increased "life" energy
Each capsule is enough for a round-the-clock improvement activities. The maximum effect is for a period of a few hours of intake, but the effects last much longer, sometimes up to 24 hours. Dynamic capsule for power taken 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse. The maximum daily dose for those who require a larger amount of energy are two capsules. This dose should not be exceeded.

Dynamic components:

1. Epimedium brevicornum
Several parts of this plant contain a large number of very significant compounds, and especially the rich variety of flavonoids (e.g. ikarin) which strongly affect the balancing and increase sexual energy and has traditionally powerful proven effect on sexual the function of man. Mechanism of action leads to smooth muscle relaxation in blood vessels of the penis which leads quicker and easier to achieve and maintain an erection of the penis. In addition acts as a general tonic-against tiredness and fatigue causing a feeling of increased energy, strength and concentration.
2. Serenoa repens
Traditionally used against urogenital diseases and increasing its energy tone and resilience. The effect is for the most part tied to individual sterole which has a structure very similar to that of testosterone – hormone that strongly affects the potency, muscle strength and izdržaljivost, but also on the mood, concentration and pro-active life position.

3. Zingiber officinalis
Positive impact on muscle recovery after hard work or exercise, improves digestion and acts as a general tonic in terms of increasing otpronosti of the organism and ability to adapt to increased mental and physical efforts.

4. Eleuterherococcus senticosus
Acts sexually stimulating, invigorating, adaptogeno, reduces the feeling of fatigue, improves mental and working ability. Increases resistance to diseases and their uporava development and speeds up recovery. There are imunostimulativno, antioxidant and antiviral effect. It is traditionally applied to increase physical and mental capabilities as well as against fatigue and weakness.
5. Cinnamomum verum
Contains essential oils and works on the digestive regulatory process and thus provides a balanced energy for additional efforts. Works antibacterial, antiviral, and has powerful antioxidants effect. Antinociceptivno effect helps hard physical exercises and training to diminish muscle pain.
6. Rosmarinus officinalis
Positive impact on the regulation of blood pressure, increases circulation through the heart muscle, and affect the improvement of blood circulation in the sexual organs. Acting antidepressant, improves mood and increases the feeling of psychophysical balance and energy.

Extremely beneficial impact on improving memory and ability to learn.

Package: 2 capsules

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